Clintons Show Up for a Parade: “It’s just amazing. It’s incredibly powerful”

Posted by on May 26, 2015 at 8:04 am

Amazing? Incredibly powerful? What? Can we please stop with the gushing and slobbering? If anything what’s amazing is Grandma managed to march without a walker and avoided falling down.

And really, Granny, a black pantsuit on an 85-degree day?

Communities throughout the Tri-State area held parades on Memorial Day to honor America’s war veterans.

Sure, plenty of communities hosted a Memorial Day parade, but how many had a former president, a former first lady, and a potential future president headline their event?

“It’s just amazing. It’s incredibly powerful. And it makes me thrilled to live in this country,” said Stacey Eisner, a Chappaqua resident.

Wonder if Ted Cruz or Scott Walker showed up whether she’d be so thrilled?

“They’ve been marching in our town parade for as long as we can remember. And they are a wonderful part of our community, and it’s great for our kids to see this and be a part of it,” said Joanne Lupatkin, a Chappaqua resident.

Well, it was only back in 1999 when their bagman Terry McAuliffe bought the house for the dead-broke Clintons, so some people have short memories.

“I’m glad that they’re out here and that we are here to celebrate their service to us. And we’re glad that a good day came and we can give them a nice little parade,” said Frank Caesar, a Chappaqua resident.

Because if anything says Memorial Day it’s the service of the Clintons. Sheesh.

“Hope that this country will regain the spirit that it had several years ago,” said Tony Sanfilippo, a Navy veteran.

Don’t expect that to happen by installing Grandma in the Oval Office, Tony.

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