Clinton Friend: Grandma Faces ‘Mounting Health Issues,’ is ‘Exhausted and Depressed a Lot of the Time’

Posted by on Sep 22, 2015 at 2:49 pm

Guess this explains why she has to constantly be re-programmed to spontaneously appear human. Oh, and the cackling. Whatever the case, her palace guard is about to go into meltdown mode over this upcoming book.

Hillary Clinton faces “mounting health issues” — and she’s secretly worried that she’s too sick to run for president, according to a new book.

The 67-year-old Democratic front-runner has been “frequently plagued” by “blinding headaches” and a series of strokes over the course of the campaign which have left her second-guessing her chances of winning in 2016, says the upcoming book “Unlikeable — The Problem with Hillary.”

Wait, a series of strokes during the campaign? What?

Excerpts were published Tuesday by Radar Online.

“For the first time I’ve known her, she’s showing self-doubt about her strength and vitality,” a friend of Clinton’s told author Edward Klein, who has written about the Obamas and Kennedys in the past.

The presidential candidate has also been battling bouts of insomnia that have ultimately “worried her, because it sapped her energy just when she needed it most for the campaign,” Klein writes.

“She is exhausted and depressed a lot of the time,” a friend is quoted as saying, adding that Clinton even tried taking sleeping pills to combat the problem, but to no avail.

“She said they made her less sharp the next day,” the friend explained.

In late 2012, Clinton suffered from a life-threatening blood clot on her brain that left her “constantly worried” she would develop another one, according to Klein.“She said they made her less sharp the next day,” the friend explained.

Clinton has insisted she’s in good health and released a letter from her doctor over the summer attesting to her fitness.

Dr. Lisa Bardack of Mount Kisco, NY, outlined Clinton’s medical history, which included her treatment for a brain concussion, an analysis of blood clots affecting her legs and brain on separate occasions, an underactive thyroid gland examination, and a complete family history of heart disease.

Geez, she’s a mess. Let’s give her the nuclear codes.


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2 Responses to “Clinton Friend: Grandma Faces ‘Mounting Health Issues,’ is ‘Exhausted and Depressed a Lot of the Time’”

  1. cali on 23/23/15 at 10:16 am

    “DC Whispers” posted a couple posts about Hillary and her depression as well as other physical issues. It was also stated that her paranoia is off the charts and causes her rage to climb to levels never seen before.
    She terrorizes her own staff who are no longer being honest with her because of that.

    Many poo-poo the National Enquirer but they reported on her serious health issues more than one year ago including her doctors demand NOT to mount another campaign due to her fragile health.

    It must suc* to be Hillary being so obsessed with a presidency since her Arkansas days, tolerates the series of infidelities by her husband while becoming more and more corrupt and treacherous as time went on – all for naught!
    She knows its over but she refuses to give up – a repeat of 2008!