Christie on College Temper Tantrums: “A product of ‘lawlessness’ that Obama allows”

Posted by on Nov 12, 2015 at 8:55 am

Since Obama has yet to chime in on the series of temper tantrums unfolding at some colleges, although you know he will and will take the side of the agitators, this is a rather clever way of sucking him into the debate.

In his first campaign stops after a well-received performance in Fox Business’s “undercard” GOP presidential primary debate, Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) mixed raw talk about addiction with even rawer criticism of the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Asked about the protests at the University of Missouri and Yale University, where complaints of racism or racial insensitivity have pitted students against administrators, the Republican presidential contender said that President Obama had created an atmosphere of “lawlessness.”

“I think part of this is a product of the president’s own unwillingness and inability to bring people together,” Christie said in a short interview after a Q&A with Republicans here. “When people think justice is not applied evenly and fairly, they take matters into their own hands. The lawlessness that the president has allowed to exist in this country just absolutely strips people of hope. Our administration would stand for the idea that justice is not just a word, but it’s a way of life. Laws will be applied evenly, fairly, and without bias to everyone.”

The angry left has created this social justice monster, and Obama is the face of this movement. The left owns it lock, stock and barrel, and it’s only going to get worse. We recommend a nationwide meltdown over the next year leading right into election day. The more Americans see of this the more repulsed they’ll be by the frothing, childlike left.

Earlier, at a town hall further up the Mississippi River, Christie had chastisedthe Black Lives Matter movement on similar terms. “Don’t call me for a meeting,” he said, according to reporter Claude Brodesser-Akner. “When a movement like that calls for the murder of police officers… no president of the United States should dignify a group like that by saying anything positive about them, and no candidate for president, like Hillary Clinton, should give them any credibility by meeting with them, as she’s done.”

We just hope Grandma doesn’t wig out over this.

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