Chicago Has Deadliest Month in 13 Years, President Gun Control Nowhere to be Found

Posted by on Oct 13, 2015 at 8:38 am
U.S. President Barack Obama smiles as he talks with Pope Francis during a private audience at the Vatican City

If he were to speak up about the horrific carnage in his hometown it would be admitting gun control doesn’t work. So he’s silent. And thanks in part to his support for the criminal Black Lives Matter Movement, police in Chicago have gone “fetal,” according to his former chief of staff.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Monday stood by his contention that Chicago police officers are becoming “fetal” out of concern they will get in trouble for actions during arrests, blaming officers second-guessing themselves in the wake of high-profile incidents for rising crime rates in Chicago and elsewhere.

Last week, the mayor was part of a meeting in Washington, D.C., with Attorney General Loretta Lynch and a group of mayors and police officials from across the nation to discuss a spike in homicides and other crime.

“We have allowed our Police Department to get fetal, and it is having a direct consequence. They have pulled back from the ability to interdict … they don’t want to be a news story themselves, they don’t want their career ended early, and it’s having an impact,” Emanuel said, according to the Washington Post.

On Monday, Emanuel pointed to that tentativeness as one of the causes of an increase in crime here this year. “What happened post-Baltimore, what happened post-Ferguson is having an impact,” Emanuel said. “And I still believe recent events over the last year or 18 months have had an impact. And officers will tell you that. And I tried to speak up for the good officers that are doing community policing that make up the men and women of the Chicago Police Department.”

Emanuel’s decision to blame violent crime increases in part on the after-effects of the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody in Baltimore and the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by a police officer in Ferguson, Mo., cases that led to rioting in those cites, comes as Chicago sees violence on the uptick.

September was Chicago’s deadliest month since 2002, with 60 homicides. Through Sept. 27, homicides and shooting incidents had risen 21 percent from the year-earlier period, Police Department numbers show. Most of the City Council’s black aldermen last week called for Emanuel to fire police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, but the mayor said he supports his top cop.

The entire city is basically a gun-free zone, yet the gun violence never ends. Yet we can’t say anything since it’s nearly 100% minority-on-minority bloodshed. Heck, every weekend it’s like a war zone and people just shrug. Democrats don’t just have blood on their hands, the blood covers their entire bodies.

“Officers themselves are telling me about how the news over the last 15 months impacted their instincts: Do they stop or do they keep driving?” Emanuel said at an unrelated news conference. “When I stop here, is it going to be my career on the line? And that’s an honest conversation. And all of us who want officers to be proactive, to be able to do community policing in a proactive way, have to encourage them, so it’s not their job on the line or that judgment call all the time that if they stop, this could be a career-ender.”

Thanks, Obama!

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3 Responses to “Chicago Has Deadliest Month in 13 Years, President Gun Control Nowhere to be Found”

  1. Questionman on 13/13/15 at 10:32 am

    They don’t get criticized for doing their jobs, they get criticized for torture and excessive force, neither of which are their job.

    Unsubstantiated??? Seriously? Have you ever heard of John Burge and his crew? Or the “elite” gang force that went into business for themselves? Maybe you’re not from Chicago. We have a very serious police corruption problem. It’s quite well substantiated, documented and correctly prosecuted.

  2. Kevin Killion on 13/13/15 at 12:22 pm

    — The word “unsubstantiated” does not appear in this article, only in Questionman’s comments.
    — Yes, Chicago has seen excessive force in some instances, especially in the past, but today it is neither widespread nor systematic
    — There are many open questions about the John Burge case, and it is by no means clear what exactly happened. What IS clear is that the prosecution made some claims that are just untrue, even constructing a small device that is supposedly similar to what Burge used for torture, but which news media showed as being the actual device.