Celebrity Activist Accuses Obama’s EPA of Lying About Massive Toxic Spill, Media Shrugs

Posted by on Sep 09, 2015 at 8:07 am

Environmental activism will be hip again when we have a Republican back in office. Until then, this former media darling is being largely ignored.

Environmental activist Erin Brockovich, made famous from the Oscar-winning movie bearing her name, on Tuesday accused the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency of lying about how much toxic wastewater spilled from a Colorado mine and fouled rivers in three Western states.

Her allegation came during a visit to the nation’s largest American Indian reservation, where she saw the damage and met with Navajo Nation leaders and farmers affected by last month’s spill, which was triggered by an EPA crew during excavation work.

Brockovich said she was shocked by the agency’s actions leading up to the release of waste tainted with heavy metals and its response afterward.

“They did not tell the truth about the amount. There were millions and millions of gallons,” she said while speaking to a crowd of high school students in Shiprock, New Mexico.

The EPA did not immediately respond to email and telephone requests for comment Tuesday. The agency initially pegged the spill at 1 million gallons but later said it was likely three times that amount given the readings of stream gauges that recorded a spike in river flows.

The revision only added to the suspicion of local officials that were criticizing the agency for failing to notify them sooner that the contaminated plume was headed downstream.

Uncertainty lingers over the long-term dangers to public health and the environment from the spill, which contaminated rivers in Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. EPA says the threat has eased, allowing treatment plants to start drawing water from the rivers again and ending warnings against recreational activities. But Navajo leadership is skeptical.

A series of congressional hearings investigating the spill will begin Wednesday. Republican committee leaders in the House and Senate say that EPA officials have withheld documents that could explain what went wrong.

Navajo President Russell Begaye also questions the number of gallons released. He recounted for Brockovich what he saw during an unannounced visit to the Gold King Mine near Silverton, Colorado, days after the spill. He said he saw a wide gully that was several feet deep and water continuing to pour out of the mine.

This would be front-page news if we still had Bush to kick around. Brockovich and Julia Roberts would be testifying at Congressional hearings, Greenpeace and the Sierra Club would be having 24/7 protests at the Animas River ,and we’d be subjected to tear-jerking stories about birds and fish with three eyes from the pollution.  But it’s on Obama’s watch, so move along, nothing to see here.

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5 Responses to “Celebrity Activist Accuses Obama’s EPA of Lying About Massive Toxic Spill, Media Shrugs”

  1. deepred on 9/09/15 at 8:46 am

    Has Mr. Robert Redford spoken out? I haven’t heard. I believe it’s the same river he and the late Paul Newman (I mean their stunt men) jumped in during the cliff escape scene in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid.
    Politics first, environment second it seems.

  2. Drider on 9/09/15 at 9:19 am

    Ok Ms. Brockovich. Now that you have made a public spectacle of yourself on this accident, doing your best to make a federal case out of it.
    You must redeem yourself in the eyes of the government that you belong too. Two things need to happen and happen fast.

    1. To avoid an audit you must pay the maximum amount of dollars allowed to ALL local and national Democratic candidates.

    2. To avoid a SWATING by the EPA, DEA, IRS and a large number of three letter agencies that you have never heard of, you must make a public apology. I feel that I must remind you that ALL of said agencies have been issued submachineguns. Just a FYI.

    Given our past history of working together on the common goal of forcing people together and dividing the rest. We look forward to once again moving forward together.

    Best regards,
    Guy who can really mess you up.

  3. @PeeteySDee on 9/09/15 at 9:31 am

    There is no publicity because the Left knows Erin Brockovich is nothing more than an amateur house-wife cum environmentalist with an Associate Degree in Applied Arts.

    She–like most environmentalists–lacks credibility and standing when going against a science-based agency like the EPA and the Left loses nothing by ignoring her.

    “They’re called ‘bewbs,’ Ed.”


  4. Burn the Witch on 9/09/15 at 10:16 am

    Didn’t the claims about chromium 6 ultimately turn out to be false? After her firm’s conduct in the PG&E case, it’s a farce that this woman continues to be lauded as some sort of heroine.

  5. Rusty Nail on 10/10/15 at 1:09 am

    Wow. I didn’t know that they dumped so much pollution into the river that it actually measurably raised the river’s water level!

    When you want something done wrong, just hire a contractor.
    If you REALLY want something screwed up, you need the government’s help.