Catfight: Granny Clinton Stooge David Brock Resigns from PAC

Posted by on Feb 09, 2015 at 3:43 pm

Don’t normally feel like making popcorn on a Monday afternoon, but we might have to get some ready.

Hillary Clinton ally David Brock on Monday resigned from the board of a pro-Clinton super PAC, according to a letter obtained by Politico, accusing it of leaking information about other pro-Clinton groups.

The move is a sign of fighting among the network of pro-Clinton groups, the kind of strife that plagued the Clinton campaign in 2008 and was trying to be avoided this time.

Brock is resigning from the board of Priorities USA Action, and his letter argues that officials there leaked information to The New York Times about the fundraising practices of two pro-Clinton groups founded by Brock, Media Matters and American Bridge.

The Times article in question revealed that American Bridge, Media Matters, and another pro-Clinton group, Ready for Hillary, have paid a consultant, Mary Pat Bonner, a 12.5 percent commission on money she brings in.

Brock’s letter calls this article “an orchestrated political hit job,” and he accuses Priorities officials of being behind what he views as an attack on his groups.

This is like ISIS and al-Qaeda having internal disputes. You can’t hope for any winners, just maximum damage.

Brock alleges that “current and former Priorities officials were behind this specious and malicious attack on the integrity of these critical organizations.”

He argues that Priorities is trying to damage his group’s fundraising efforts “while presumably enhancing Priorities’ own.”

“Frankly, this is the kind of dirty trick I’ve witnessed in the right-wing and would not tolerate then,” he adds. “Our Democratic Presidential nominee deserves better than people who would risk the next election – and our country’s future – for their own personal agendas.”

Oh yeah, the right-wing does this stuff or something. That’s it.

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