Bumbling de Blasio’s Twitter Chat Goes Haywire: ‘Why haven’t you resigned yet?’

Posted by on Sep 01, 2015 at 7:22 am

He hasn’t held an actual town hall with his subjects to date now nearly two years into his disastrous term in office, but Monday this idiot though it’d be a good idea to have a Twitter chat.

Safe bet it’ll be the last time.

Mayor de Blasio got an earful from disgruntled New Yorkers on Monday when he took to Twitter for a rare unscripted chat with constituents.

The live 34-minute exchange elicited more than 100 questions and comments, including many critical of his performance.

“You can’t seriously think that a few unruly topless performers in Times Square is a pressing issue, right??” wrote Brian Boucher, one of several users who blasted de Blasio’s handling of nuisance complaints at Times Square.

A user named Crissle chimed in, “Why does my local government appear to be more concerned with topless women in Times Square than the cost of rent?”

Here’s a straightforward query that he didn’t answer:

Well, at least he had time to entertain the tough questions:

Hard-hitting stuff.

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