Brutal ISIS Madman Jihadi John Forced Hostages to Dance the Tango with Him

Posted by on Oct 13, 2015 at 1:33 pm

This opens up so many reality show possibilities.

The British terrorist Mohammed Emwazi forced his captives to dance the tango with him when they were being held by Islamic State, a former Danish hostage said.

Daniel Rye Ottosen, 26, a photographer released from Syria last year on payment of a ransom, described how Emwazi, a University of Westminster graduate who has featured in four beheading videos, played sadistic games that usually ended in a beating.

“Do you want to dance?” Mr Rye Ottosen recalled Emwazi saying when he entered the room. “Then he took me up, and we were supposed to dance the tango together, John and I.”

The prisoners learnt to be terrified of Emwazi, one of four British Islamists, whom the prisoners named after the Beatles — he was known as Jihadi John. “I just looked down at the ground the whole time because I did not want to look at them — if you looked them in the eye you would just get beaten even more,” he said.

“So I had my head down and my arms up and he led me around the prison and then suddenly it just changed and he threw me down and kicked and hit me. Then they ended by threatening to cut my nose off with pliers. When they left there, you’re just like, ‘What?’”

After his capture, Mr Rye Otteson said he had been tortured non-stop for a month in a cell in Aleppo to make him confess to spying for the CIA. “They were very good at torturing. They were well aware of where the limits lay.” He had been attached for a day by a chain to the ceiling with his arms above his head and his feet on the ground. He had tried to kill himself to escape the torture, he said.

He shared a cell for a time with James Foley, the US journalist.

Via Tim Blair, who adds:

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but gay much? Emwazi might choose a different ballroom technique if his victims were able to defend themselves. Dance to this, tango boy.

Tango boy might want to watch himself. His comrades frown upon such flamboyant demonstrations.

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