Brooklynites Wonder if Reclusive Grandmother Can Fit In: “Just goes to show you that Brooklyn is now whiter than ever”

Posted by on Feb 04, 2015 at 7:32 am

One thing Team Clinton hasn’t thought of as they consider having Grandma’s headquarters in the New York City borough: Is she hip enough? And no, we’re not talking about broken hips.

Brooklyn is casting a wary eye at the latest hipster who might be moving in: Hillary Clinton.

The news that Clinton is considering running her expected 2016 presidential campaign from New York City’s most populous borough is being greeted in Gotham with surprise and snark.

It “just goes to show you that Brooklyn is now whiter than ever,” said Livia Scott, a sketch comedian at the popular Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre who lives in New York and has seen the borough’s gentrification over the years. “So, welcome, Hillary!”

While Clinton’s campaign machine might seem an odd match for the East Coast Portlandians who ride fixed-gear bicycles and pride themselves on their ironic facial hair, the idea has been gaining traction in recent weeks. Allies say Clinton had all but ruled out putting her headquarters in the Westchester County suburbs of White Plains near her Chappaqua, N.Y., home, as The Hill first reported on Monday.

The Daily News on Tuesday reported that Clinton aides have already scoped out office space in Brooklyn Heights, just across the river from Manhattan.

“Well, she already has the hipster black-rimmed glasses,” one Clinton ally said. “Now she just needs some plaid and a carefree attitude and maybe an education of Mumford and Sons.”

Another Democratic consultant said the idea of putting Clinton headquarters in the borough is “completely understandable,” but questioned whether it would send the right message.

“The people who think it’s a great idea are the same people who think ‘Girls’ is good,” the consultant said about the HBO series centered on an aspiring writer and her friends in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Well, like “Girls,” Clinton is way past her prime.

“I live in Brooklyn, and I love Brooklyn,” Cherlin added. “So it’s no knock on the borough. But putting the headquarters here also would read as a message move, trying to be cool or whatever, in the way that many brands are now doing. But I don’t see a real benefit to that for them. And I don’t actually think they do, either.”

To Democrats it’s all about being cool, hipster douchebags.

“It’s a wise move for the people who are advising her,” she said. “It’s all about what’s cool. If she’s going to win, she’s going to have to get the cool vote. It’s not about capturing the young vote but capturing the cool-geist.”

Forget about having a shaky recluse as president, as look as she’s cool, that’s all that matter. It’s no longer about what the country needs.

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