Bras are quickly losing women’s support

Posted by on Dec 14, 2015 at 7:59 am

Jessica Simpson made fashion waves during a recent trip to New York City, but it wasn’t because of the skintight black cocktail dress and stiletto sandals she was wearing — it was because she was noticeably not wearing a bra.

Simpson is in good company. A half-century after the bra-burning 1960s, what was once considered a political message has suddenly become a fashion statement. While Drew Barrymore was ridiculed for letting gravity get her down in a figure-hugging green Gucci gown at the 2006 Golden Globes, today going braless is picking up steam among fashionistas and boldfacers — Kendall Jenner and Jennifer Lawrence among them. And regular women are following suit: According to market research company NPD Group, bra sales in the US fell 3 percent in 2014 to $6.5 billion.

Leandra Medine of the blog Man Repeller stopped wearing bras several years ago because they were uncomfortable and not necessary to support her A-cup bust.

“I hated when sometimes they would show through my button-down blouses,” says the 26-year-old. “As far as I can tell, the slight glimpse of a nipple appears far more, dare I say, elegant when peeping through my blouse than a bra does.”

For the most part, Medine says, people don’t even notice. And while it’s more obvious when curvy women pink-slip their bras, it hasn’t stopped them from getting onboard with the trend, too.

Nneya Richards ditched her bra about a year ago — despite her D-cup size. “I’m not burning my bras or anything like that, but a pushup bra? That’s just not the look I’m going for,” says the 29-year-old, who’s styled shoots for fashion bibles like InStyle. “It looks like I’m trying too hard.”

She finds bras uncomfortable, and it’s hard to find stylish options. And she confesses to going bra-free in everything from a blouse for a business meeting to a jumpsuit for a night out.

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One Response to “Bras are quickly losing women’s support”

  1. Wor1 on 14/14/15 at 10:07 pm

    I don’t mind women not wearing bras but they must have a nice set of knockers to do so.
    Frankly there should be a law that if you have super saggers like the late dead Ted Kennedy had you must wear a bra.