Boko Haram Clowns Disguise Themselves as Women, Forget to Shave Their Beards

Posted by on Feb 24, 2015 at 8:05 am

Admittedly this tactic probably would fool most of the media.

Beard-wearing militants belonging to West Africa’s brutal Boko Haram Islamic terror organisation have been dressing as women in a hopeless attempt at avoiding the attention of security officials.

Nigerian defense forces liberating the town of Baga from jihadi control yesterday set up a cordon around the suburbs to help them catch any Boko Haram militants who had been unable to escape.

The security workers were shocked to come across several fleeing fighters trying to pass themselves off as females by putting on layers of colourful women’s clothing – despite the fact they had refused to shave their thick jihadi beards.

The terrorists’ attempts to pass themselves off as women were disclosed by Nigerian defense forces yesterday, following a huge operation to flush the militants out the town of Baga.

A statement signed by Major General Chris Olukolade said, ‘The searches are also yielding more discoveries of arms especially bombs hidden in various locations, especially Baga town’ local media outlet Vanguard reported.

‘Apart from those captured in the course of fighting, many arrests of terrorists hiding in the town are being made and troops are still busy interrogating the suspects.

‘Meanwhile, in furtherance of the mission to clear terrorists from all their enclaves by the military, the Nigerian Air Force has stepped up its air bombardment of identified targets in Gwoza, Bama and Sambisa forest, preparatory to other phases of the mission.

‘The air strikes have been highly successful as they achieved the aims, hitting vital targets with required precision. Terrorists are now in disarray as they scamper to escape from the impact of air bombardment of their locations in the forest.

We’ve got to say he almost got away with it.



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