Barack ‘Get in Their Faces’ Obama Can’t Handle Being Heckled by Transgender Illegal in ‘His’ House

Posted by on Jun 25, 2015 at 7:27 am

The poor thing can dish it out but can’t take it. He also told this person they were in “his” house. Weird, always thought the White House belong to all Americans?

President Obama shut down a heckler who tried to interrupt him during a speech at the White House Wednesday evening, then had her removed from the room.

Obama was half-way through delivering an address about civil rights for lesbian, gay and transsexual Americans at a reception in the presidential mansion Wednesday night when he was interrupted by one of his guests.

Jennicet Gutiérrez, a transsexual Mexican woman and campaigner, started yelling at him to close deportation centers until she was escorted out by security.

According to the woman who invited Gutiérrez as her plus-one, the heckle was pre-planned to raise awareness.

Well, it raised further awareness that Obama is a thin-skinned twit.

Gutiérrez shouted out that she was an undocumented immigrant and a trans woman and was ‘tired of the abuse’ she claims immigration officials are carrying out on minorities.

Obama tried to ask her to stop, but turned sour when she wouldn’t stop shouting.

He said: ‘Hold on a second I – OK, you know what? No no no no no. You’re in my house.’

The President tried to start another sentence, but was interrupted twice more. The crowd started booing in response.

These lefties live to annoy and heckle anyone on the right, but you dare to interrupt Obama and that’s it, you’re a non-person.

He continued: ‘You know what? It’s not respectful when you get invited to somebody… [interruption] You’re not gonna get a good response from me by interrupting me like this. I’m sorry.

‘Shame on you! You shouldn’t be doing this… Can we escort this person out? Come on. You can either stay and be quiet, or we’ll have to take you out.’

Take you out? Such violent imagery.

There used to be a time when Obama enjoyed heckling people:

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5 Responses to “Barack ‘Get in Their Faces’ Obama Can’t Handle Being Heckled by Transgender Illegal in ‘His’ House”

  1. Lefty Mongtard on 25/25/15 at 1:12 pm

    At least the democrats give all their wealth to charity and fight evil
    global corporations with the TPP deal.
    The celebrident loves America because I do as well except for those scum hick rednecks in the south and those teabaggers.

  2. bruce lorraine on 25/25/15 at 2:37 pm

    Obama must think he’s Queen of America if he thinks the White House is his house. I mean he must think he’s above elected office and he’s actually royalty and his being
    Queen of America seems more fitting as he doesn’t act like he has a pair.

  3. Karl Krushinski on 25/25/15 at 5:00 pm

    More scripted stagecraft from a third world banana republic.
    Only true believers get through vetting to see the immaculate Imam Hussein.

  4. PJ on 26/26/15 at 11:24 am

    If trespassing in the country is OK, why isn’t it also OK to trespass in the White House?