America is being bullied into sympathizing with 9/11 attackers

Posted by on Sep 11, 2015 at 7:52 am

America-loathing has risen to a new level on university campuses around the US. A freshman-level English course called “The Literature of 9/11’’ features writings from the perspective of Islamic butchers, as Paul Sperry, a visiting media fellow at the Hoover Institution, wrote in a piece published in The Post.

The highly ranked University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is just one institution that has adopted the ugly curriculum (the University of Maryland is another), taught by associate English professor Neel Ahuja. He has written that the depiction of 9/11 terrorists as “monsters’’ is an attempt to “animalize’’ them as insects and to justify “squashing’’ them in a “fantasy of justice.’’ (I know whom I’d like to squash.)

UNC College Republicans recently sent a letter of protest to the school’s chancellor which, unsurprisingly, had no effect.

At ESPN, former star Major League pitcher Curt Schilling, a baseball analyst for the sports TV network, last month was suspended from covering the Little League World Series and a baseball game, then later pulled off the air for the rest of the baseball season.

His offense? Retweeting this message, along with a picture of Adolf Hitler doing the Nazi salute: “ONLY 5-10% OF MUSLIMS ARE EXTREMISTS. IN 1940, ONLY 7% OF GERMANS WERE NAZIS. HOW’D THAT GO?’’ Then he added these words: “The math is staggering when you get the true #s.’’

He quickly pulled down the tweet, removed the post from his Facebook page and apologized. But he’d already violated the concrete rule against criticizing — pretty much any group. Schilling then complained in an e-mail he sent to a writer about negative coverage on a sports Web site, which gave ESPN an excuse to kick him to the curb through October. Mind you, Schilling went off not on all Muslims, but on the minority who are extremists. Last time I checked, it was permissible to express hate and fear against savages such as the 9/11 attackers.

I guess I’m still living in 2001.

Recent initiatives from political liberals threaten to tear us apart.

The Obama administration’s wrong-headed nuclear deal with Iran, almost certain to survive Congress, threatens the existence of our great Middle Eastern ally, Israel.

I hope that, one day, we’ll look back on these times of America-bashing and capitulation to terrorists as shameful and temporary. That day can’t come soon enough.

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