Alec Baldwin Finally Finds the Perfect Place for Coffee

Posted by on Apr 10, 2015 at 1:05 pm

How funny is this?

Alec Baldwin Grabs a Coffee and Talks on his Cellphone Biking Home from the Gym

No, he’s actually not picking his nose.

Alec Baldwin found a café that perfectly suits his personality.

Dressed in workout clothes, the combustible actor, 57, was spotted grabbing a cup of joe at Madman Espresso in the Village on Thursday.

With coffee still in hand, the former “30 Rock” star hopped on his bike, a trip that was soon cut short by a flat.

Baldwin didn’t seem all that put out by the tire puncture, at least not as much as a scamp in a burgundy coat, who can be seen in the background attempting to slyly flip off the paparazzi as the actor walked his bike home.


Alec Baldwin gets a flat tire in the Big Apple


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