Actual Business Insider Headline: ‘Top 10 Leadership lessons from Fidel Castro’

Posted by on Oct 06, 2015 at 9:47 am

Apparently, this is a serious article and not an Onion-type parody.

After graduating from law school, Castro became well known for hating American influence in Cuba. He met Che Guevara in Mexico and planned a guerilla invasion of Cuba. The duo shaped the political beliefs and military plans in Cuba after Castro’s rebel forces started the revolution in December 1958.

Castro went to the Soviet Union and became a strong ally. He stood firm against the US for over four decades. The US has only recently lifted sanctions over Cuba.

Business Insider India looks into the life and works of this charismatic anti-US Cuban revolutionary to unearth leadership lessons for modern day managers.

They actually then produce 10 quotes that supposedly are “leadership lessons” for modern day managers. You can make this stuff up.

Here’s what should be Nos. 1 through 10:

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