With Ukraine Crisis Ongoing Democrats Target the Real Enemy: Republicans

Posted by on Mar 07, 2014 at 9:29 am

Never let a crisis go to waste and never forget who the real enemy is: Your fellow Americans.

The Democratic National Committee urged party officials to go on offense against Republican “hypocrisy” over the crisis in Ukraine on Thursday evening, sending out a confidential list of talking points that assailed President Barack Obama’s critics for “political posturing” in the midst of an international crisis.

The talking points, which one recipient shared with POLITICO, punch hard at Republicans who seek to pin Obama with blame for Russia’s aggression toward Ukraine. The GOP didn’t blame former President George W. Bush for Russian hostility toward the Republic of Georgia.

“Republicans should put the blame for this crisis where it belongs: on President Putin,” the memo begins. “In 2008, Russia invaded Georgia and leading Republicans didn’t blame the Bush administration for Russia’s invasion of a neighbor, so it’s complete hypocrisy for them to attack the Obama administration now.”

DNC officials declined to comment on the contents of the memo.

The DNC document suggests that Republicans who criticize the administration should be asked whether they’re advocating for the use of force in Eastern Europe:

“[F]rankly, many of the options that have been suggested by our critics are consistent with the policies we are already pursuing or considering. Or are they suggesting a military response?”

We’re simply looking for competence and a gameplan, neither of which can be found anywhere near the White House.

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