Why Is Andrew Cuomo So Afraid to Debate Rick Perry?

Posted by on Apr 24, 2014 at 8:09 am
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo arrives at a news conference at the state capitol.

One simple answer comes to mind: He can’t defend his pitiful record against the very successful Governor of Texas. Another reason? The phony bully isn’t man enough.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry was in New York today to make his pitch to business leaders he hopes to lure to the Lone Star State, and took the opportunity to reissue his debate challenge to Gov. Andrew Cuomo–who today declined the request.

“Yes, I’m here recruiting business. I’m don’t shy away from that. I’m very upfront about that. But I’m also here to help stimulate a conversation with the people of New York state, the people in New York City, the legislators, the governor,” said Mr. Perry, speaking to reporters after a lunch with business owners at Hill Country BBQ.

Earlier this week, Mr. Perry said he wanted to sit down with Mr. Cuomo face-to-face to debate the two states’ approaches to economic policy, which Mr. Cuomo–whose office did not respond to requests for comment–today dismissed as  “unlikely,” according to reports.

“I hope he’ll seriously consider doing it. I think it would be good for the people of New York and it’d be good for the country,” said Mr. Perry. “I’ll leave that to you all to probe him on.”

The former Republican presidential candidate, who is considering another run in 2016, has been criss-crossing the country, speaking to local business owners and quietly rebuilding his national brand. And while Texas isn’t often embraced by New Yorkers, he said his reception so far had been positive.

“People are curious,” he said of his pitch, claiming that multiple players had expressed interest in setting up shop down south, but declining to name names. “I don’t want to put people in an uncomfortable position of having the mayor or the governor call ‘em up and, ‘What are you doin’?’” he said with a smirk.

Perry strolls onto Cuomo’s own turf and basically calls him a bitch. And to think Cuomo’s ego is so massive he actually considers himself presidential material. We distinctly recall Perry’s awful debate performances in the 2012 GOP primaries and it’s hard to fathom how a featherweight like Cuomo would miss such a golden opportunity to dazzle Americans with his brilliance. But as this shows, he’s just a wormy little puke.

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3 Responses to “Why Is Andrew Cuomo So Afraid to Debate Rick Perry?”

  1. richard mcenroe on 24/24/14 at 10:53 am

    I’ll take a featherweight debater who keeps his state in the black over a dynastic incompetent who helped bring on the housing crisis anytime, thank you very much.

  2. MM on 25/25/14 at 9:00 am

    “other states are jealous…” ahhh, you’re effing kidding right? Of NY?? Oh that’s why New Yorkers are leaving BY THE MILLIONS.

    Nothing says a well run state like infringing our 2A rights and banning fracking among a score of other idiotic REgressive policies.

    Say, what’s the over/under on the next seat loss for NY in the House? Maybe 2? 3?

    That Blasio and Cuomo, what a dynamic duo!

  3. Titus Greenwood on 26/26/14 at 9:26 am

    Governor COOMO is nothing short of a puss bag! He cowered from a debate with Rick Perry, because in the arena of ideas, LIBERAL SOCIALISM fails everytime.