Why Do Democrats Pay Women So Much Less Than Men?

Posted by on Apr 09, 2014 at 10:52 am

Geez, talk about having something blow up in your face. After a ballyhooed day of pretending how women get the shaft on pay equality the Democrats are running for the tall grass today having been exposed as total frauds.

Things really got embarrassing when White House Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri tweeted about the journalists at the press briefing: “Love these guys, but 6 of 7 news orgs in front row sent men to ask @pressec abt gender pay inequity,” prompting aquick response from Ed Henry, “The White House sent a man to the podium, right?” OUCH.

The embarrassment didn’t end there. According to the Washington Post, the “White House press secretary faced a second day of questioning Tuesday afternoon about the White House’s own gender pay gap.  According to an American Enterprise Institute study, women in the White House earn 88 percent of what men earn. Here’s where it got tricky and will likely stay tricky for the White House and Democrats trying to make the equal pay argument: If the 77 cents on the dollar figure is evidence of discrimination outside the workforce, isn’t the 88 cents on the dollar figure also evidence of discrimination in the White House?” It turns out that if you accept the Democrats’ math, they don’t practice what they preach.

It turns out President Obama isn’t the only hypocritical Democrat, in fact Senate Democrats have their own problems when it comes to equal pay.  We pulled the official payroll records of various offices and calculated the average pay for men and women in each office for the most recent 6 month period available. Since some employees only worked a portion of the six month period, we calculated how much each person was paid per day in order to give an accurate representation.  Here’s what we found:

Mark Udall pays women 85 cents for every dollar that a man makes.

Mary Landrieu pays women 88 cents for every dollar that a man makes.

Mark Begich pays women 82 cents for every dollar that a man makes.

Mark Warner pays women 75 cents for every dollar that a man makes.

Gary Peters pays women 67 cents for every dollar that a man makes.

Why do Democrats hate women so much? But wait, for the pièce de résistance comes this delicious nugget.

Analysis of Texas state senate salary records shows that Democratic gubernatorial candidate and state senator Wendy Davis paid her male staffers more than female staffers.

According to documents obtained in an open records request, in 44 out of the 58 months between Jan. 2009, when Davis took office, and Oct. 2013, the highest earner in Davis’ senate office was a man.

In six months, a female staffer earned the highest salary, and in the remaining six months a male and a female staffer shared the top spot.

The most any Davis staffer was paid in any month throughout the five year period was $8,851 in the middle of 2010 to Ware Wendell, Davis’ chief of staff. In Oct. 2013, a female Davis staffer, chief of staff Sonya Grogg, was paid $6,250.

Embarrassing, to say the least. But none of this will deter them from moving forward with this canard.

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  1. jukin on 9/09/14 at 7:34 pm

    You mean to tell me that the lying party of lying liars is lying?

    I also hear there is gambling in Casablanca.