While Obama Was Welcoming Fruitpickers to Come Out of the Shadows He Released Five More Guantanamo Monsters

Posted by on Nov 21, 2014 at 8:14 am

Team Obama usually waits for late Friday afternoon to dump all the bad news. Since he anointed himself Emperor Thursday night all the stuff he didn’t want you to know about came out early.

First we found out he lied (shocking!) about the number of ObamaCare enrollees by counting dental plans so he could make 7 million people forced into his scam, news that barely caused a rippled and naturally led to pathetic excuses from his buttboy media.

Yeah, an “unforced” error. Sure.

Later in the day we found out that yes, indeed, he and his thug army did target Sharyl Attkisson, then of CBS News. We waited for years for them to provide documents, so of course they waited until this week.

Then in very hush-hush fashion, late Thurdsay came news that five more two-legged animals have been released from Club Gitmo.

The Obama administration has released five Guantanamo Bay prisoners after an administration task force determined they no longer posed a threat.

The Department of Defense announced Thursday that three of the men were sent to Georgia and two to Slovakia for resettlement. The Pentagon identified the three now former prisoners resettled in Georgia as Abdel Ghaib Ahmad Hakim, Salah Mohammed Salih Al-Dhabi and Abdul Khaled Al-Baydani. The two sent to Slovakia were Hashim Bin Ali Bin Amor Sliti and Husayn Salim Muhammad Al-Mutari Yafai.

Hakim was the first prisoner from Yemen to be released since 2010. Yemenis make up the majority of men cleared for release because the U.S. is reluctant to send prisoners to the unstable country.

The group was among dozens of low-level prisoners at Guantanamo who were determined to no longer pose a threat by an administration task force in 2009.

In other words, they’ll be back on the battefield in no time.

But hey, at least Obama got Jonathan Gruber out of the news temporarily by extolling the virtues of fruitpickers last night.

Great job, Emperor Barry.

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