Variety Writer Baffled How Ronan Farrow is So Horrible on MSNBC When He’s ‘Awesome on Twitter’

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We could really care less about this Ronan Farrow twit and won’t even be seeing him on MSNBC since we don’t watch the dreadful, low-rated cable mess. Yet we do sped some time on Twitter so we do have an idea what’s considered awesome on there, and it sure isn’t Farrow.

Ronan Farrow has the kind of resume that’s difficult to match. He graduated from college at the tender age of 15; went on to collect degrees from Yale Law School and Oxford U., the latter on a Rhodes scholarship; and worked at the U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs and for the Obama administration.

Impressive as all that is, none of those credentials finishes among the top three reasons MSNBC gave him his own show last month. In ascending order, they are: the endless promotional value that comes with his being the progeny of Mia Farrow; his movie-star good looks; and most important of all … he’s awesome on Twitter.

That may sound trivial, but to think otherwise is naive. There are plenty of policy wonks out there with resumes that can fill a phone book, but very few of them boast a built-in audience on the strength of their online personality.

Farrow somehow manages to be a combination of funny, charming or insightful in every single tweet without the usual mistake Twitter stars make: They just plain overdo it.

Curious, we decided to soak in some of the awesomeness of Farrow’s Twitter feed, where he has 241,000 followers, not exactly impressive for someone with his own undeserved television show. That number is likely inflated by spambots andfake followers.

Awesome, huh? Can you handle any more after that? Do try and stay awake:

Taylor Swift, now there’s an actual celebrity. She has 39.7 million followers, just a bit more than this media creation. Alas, we’re still in search of awesomeness:

Or keep forcing this twit on the public and annoy everyone.

Get it? Like, Sbarro’s sucks or something, which isn’t exactly news.

Awesome. Can’t stop laughing. OK, those are recent, so let’s drill down a bit for more awesome comic stylings of Frank Sinatra’s illegitimate son:

Get it? Rand Paul and Ru Paul? Awesome stuff.

It’s not too late for MSNBC to make the kind of switch that will allow Farrow to recapture his voice. If the network is simply hoping that with enough air time he won’t come off so green, that would represent a fundamental misunderstanding of what isn’t working. There’s no sense in tapping talent from social media if the TV world can’t recreate the kind of environment that made that talent so compelling in the first place.

Compelling? Really?

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