UK Military Adviser: Clueless Obama Has ‘No Sense of What He Wants To Do in the World’

Posted by on Jan 16, 2014 at 7:46 am

We find this deeply offensive. Of course Obama knows what he wants to do: Watch ESPN and play golf. Isn’t that obvious by now?

President Obama has been judged to be ‘chronically incapable’ of conducting a coherent military strategy and ‘has no sense of what he wants to do in the world’, according to Oxford University professor, Sir Hew Strachan – one of the UK’s most respected and senior military advisers.

The damning verdict from a governmental insider of the United States’ closest military ally comes days after the president was heavily criticized by his own former Defense Secretary Robert Gates who said that Obama was indecisive and lacked any passion for his nation’s armed forces.

Claiming that America and Britain had committed total strategic failure in their near decade-long Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns, Strachan said that the recent failed attempts to intervene militarily on behalf of Syrian rebels ‘has left them in a far worse position than they were before.’

Strachan is currently a member of the United Kingdom’s Chief of Defence Staff’s Strategic Advisory Panel and claims that the ‘crazy’ mismanagement of the Syrian crisis at the end of the summer was the worst example of the military planning in evidence since 9/11 and that at least President George W. Bush had a plan and stuck to it.

‘If anything it’s gone backwards instead of forwards, Obama seems to be almost chronically incapable of doing this,’ said Strachan.

‘Bush may have had totally fanciful political objectives in terms of trying to fight a global War on Terror, which was inherently astrategic, but at least he had a clear sense of what he wanted to do in the world. 

Leaving the United States in an economic and military shambles seems to be clear objectives of his, and he’s been  wildly successful in those areas.

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  1. Decaf on 17/17/14 at 6:41 pm

    Brits don’t vote in US elections so their opinion doesn’t matter as far as Obama is concerned. Besides that he doesn’t want anyone who knows more than he to express an opinion and that’s why he made it near impossible for military personnel to vote. After all a military vote for the opposition is a judgment against him.