Uh Oh: Foreign Media Hint at Obama Marital Trouble

Posted by on Jan 13, 2014 at 7:17 am

We can’t fathom where anyone would get the idea there’s trouble in paradise. Well, other than the fact the charming Mrs. Obama is still in Hawaii working on her death stare before returning for her lavish 50th birthday party. She always seems so happy and cheery it’s hard to believe there could be any problems between the two of them.

Michelle Obama’s extended absence from Washington and a flurry of renewed speculation about the state of the first couple’s marriage are threatening to overshadow her 50th birthday party at the White House on Saturday.

Not for the first time in their 22-year marriage the Obamas are approaching what should be a happy family milestone under a cloud of rampant tabloid innuendo, summed up by a National Enquirer headline: “World exclusive: Obama marriage explodes!”.

The Enquirer has earned a measure of respectability in Washington with its reporting of political scandals – most notably its exposure of the double life of John Edwards, a former senator and once a Democratic presidential contender.

Yet its so-called bombshell Obama report was based on nothing more substantial than the vague allegations of an unnamed “Oval Office insider” who claimed the first couple “are now sleeping in separate White House bedrooms” – tame stuff compared with the adventures of the president’s French counterpart Francois Hollande.

In France this stuff is a resume enhancer, and considering Hollande’s abysmal approval ratings, it can only help.


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