Twitter Psycho Positive Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is Innocent: ‘You can tell he didn’t do it’

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It’s a shame on the anniversary of the Boston Marathon terror attack that the media has to waste even an inch of space of the surviving terrorist scumbag. Even worse is they give attention to the psychopaths who believe the scumbag is innocent. In a tearjerking look at this mutant’s life behind bars we get this idiocy:

Since he ran over and killed Tamerlan during the dramatic Watertown shootout days after the bombings, the only glimpse into Tsarnaev’s life has been when it was revealed he told his parents in Dagestan that ‘everything is good’ in a phone call.

Indeed, despite his restricted communication with the outside world, Tsarnaev has been sent thousands of letters – most offering support, some protesting his innocence and others trying to convince him to convert to Christianity.

One such backer is Crystel Clary, a 35-year-old single mother from Wisconsin who told The New York Times she has written to Tsarnaev 10 times a month since the April 15 attacks.

She writes him letters about the latest hip-hop albums from Eminem and the latest Hollywood release.

She has even sent him Valentines Day cards and a birthday card – both of which have been returned.

However, other letters have not been sent back – but Clary has not yet received one reply from him.

Moreso, Clary is adamant that Tsarnaev did not commit the bombings and that the state is lying in its case against him.

You can tell he didn’t do it,’ she said. ‘There is too much suspicious stuff going on in this case.’

Here’s the Twitter feed for this Mensa member. Her bio reads: “will not keep quit about the truth”. Um, OK.

And it looks like she made herself a buddy at the Times:

Serge is stoked!

By the way, her Twitter feed is full of retweets of this maniac. Oof.

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