Trey Gowdy: “This experiment in divided government has led to lawlessness”

Posted by on Feb 09, 2014 at 8:01 pm

Tell us something we don’t know.

During an appearance on Fox News, he referred to the results of a report by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) that finds millions of American workers may move away from full-time employment because of benefits offered within ObamaCare.

Some lawmakers, such as Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), say that the law allows workers to alleviate themselves from “job-lock” – staying in a job that’s otherwise unwanted or disliked, simply to collect healthcare benefits.

Media reports say Pelosi fired back at the Republican interpretation of the CBO report – that ObamaCare kills jobs – by saying the workers are now able to leave jobs to “[follow] their aspirations to be a writer; to be self-employed; to start a business.”

Gowdy honed in on the remarks, saying they are part of a larger effort to smooth over flaws with the healthcare reform law and its rollout during an election year.

“What the liberals and the Democrats want you to believe is, ‘Well, but you’ll have time to write poetry,’” Gowdy said. “Well, that’s great until you try and buy your grandkid a birthday present or you try and pay the heating bill.”

Don’t give them any ideas or soon Democrats will propose free birthday presents for all.

Gowdy said, “If you need any more evidence how disastrous this healthcare law is, the architect doesn’t even want to implement it.”

“My guess is they’re going to delay it until there’s a new president, or hopefully a new Senate, and then we can start all over again,” he continued.

“Our fellow citizens have the chance in November – they can throw us out and give Nancy Pelosi back the Speaker’s gavel, or they can give us the Senate and give us the chance to govern again,” he said. “This experiment in divided government has led to lawlessness.”

Meanwhile, another Democrat boob said today Americans losing jobs is a good thing because, hey, Americans just work too darn much.



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3 Responses to “Trey Gowdy: “This experiment in divided government has led to lawlessness””

  1. Blacque Jacques Shellacque on 10/10/14 at 3:40 am

    Suggestion for Congressman Gowdy: Tell your damned “leadership” to man up. Tell him to stop being such a f-cking p-ssy. And if he can’t do that, then you and your colleagues need to band together, get the guy booted, and have someone put in there that has a pair and isn’t ashamed to prove their existence.

    The GOP has wasted enough precious time already.

  2. Doc on 10/10/14 at 10:15 am

    Pelosi’s explanation of the effects of Obamacare on the American worker is a monument to her being an idiot.