The stunning hypocrisy of the de Blasio administration

Posted by on Nov 18, 2014 at 8:08 am

She can blame the media until she turns blue — but Rachel Noerdlinger is responsible for thrusting her own teenage son into the spotlight.

How did we, the media, learn her son’s name? It wasn’t during some anti-progressive witch hunt. It was when the duplicitous Noerdlinger named him in an application for a residency waiver, spinning a tale about how the teen — so strapping and healthy that he was playing high-school football at the time — was hobbled by a pair of car accidents and needed to be near his doctors.

She was then allowed to live in New Jersey with her felon boyfriend instead of New York City, The Post revealed in an exclusive story.

Before that, not a clue about the kid.

And when it comes to putting children in the cross hairs, the mayor is far from blameless. He prostituted his own family in campaign TV commercials.

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