The Pantsuited Diva: ‘Dead Broke’ Hillary Gets $2,777 For Every Minutes of Speeches, Only Moderator Can Ask Her Questions

Posted by on Jul 17, 2014 at 8:32 am

Yes, she can surely relate to the average American.

Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state who is preparing to run for president on a populist platform of fighting income inequality, demanded $2,777 per minute for two university speaking engagements and insisted on contracts that cut off reporters’ access to her and limited the number of photos she would take with well-wishers.

The Harry Walker Agency drew up legal agreements for Clinton’s speeches at the State University of New York at Buffalo in August 2013 and at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas next month.

Combined, the two gigs netted the Clintons’ family foundation $500,000 for three hours’ work, and allowed her to cancel or reschedule the events ‘for any reason whatsoever.’

The once-and-maybe-future White House resident is routinely granted iron-grip control over the
circumstances surrounding her speeches.

Both contracts, one published online by The Washington Post and the other by The Daily Caller, paint a picture of a control-freak PR machine surrounding Hillary.

Her ‘participation at the event including the speech and reception will be closed to the press, unless otherwise agreed to in writing,’ the UNLV contract reads

‘There will be no other media opportunities or availabilities (i.e.. press conferences, statements. etc.).’

The Buffalo appearance earned Clinton $275,000 for an hour on stage and a 30-minute photo line – limited to 50 photos of her alongside no more than 100 people.

UNLV will pay her another $225,000 for a similar 90-minute commitment, although angry students there have asked her to refund her fees since their tuition has nearly tripled since a decade ago.

She’s just like us! Well, if you consider yourself to be a rock star, that is:

Hillary Clinton Speaking Contract – SUNY Buffalo and UNLV


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