Tea Party Lawyer: “This has been a big, bureaucratic, former-Soviet-Union-type investigation, which means that there was no investigation”

Posted by on Jan 14, 2014 at 10:00 am

Sure, the FBI allegedly won’t be prosecuting anyone for Obama’s IRS scandal. Because the fix is clearly in.

The criminal probe was launched last May, as Republicans pressed Obama administration officials as to how the targeting of such groups could have lasted for more than a year, beginning in 2010.

As he announced the investigation, Attorney General Eric Holder said the FBI and Justice Department would conduct a thorough probe of actions at the IRS. “Those were, I think, as everyone can agree, if not criminal, they were certainly outrageous and unacceptable,” he said.

The FBI explored a number of possible violations, including those involving statutes within the IRS code that prohibit the misuse or improper disclosure of taxpayer information. Another area examined was whether any IRS officials lied about what happened and the reasons for it. The people familiar with the probe wouldn’t say who was interviewed.

The probe has been freighted with political suspicions. Cleta Mitchell, a lawyer who has represented about a dozen groups that faced such IRS questioning, said the FBI has yet to contact her clients over the issue. “As far as I can tell, nobody has actually done an investigation. This has been a big, bureaucratic, former-Soviet-Union-type investigation, which means that there was no investigation,” she said. “This is a deplorable abuse of the public trust, but I am not surprised.”

Just last weeks some Tea Party groups said they were contacted by the FBI for the first time.

The FBI finally has begun to contact some of the tea party groups targeted by the Internal Revenue Service for inappropriate scrutiny in the first public signs that the administration’s criminal investigation is progressing.

A lawyer representing some of the tea party groups that battled the IRS for tax-exempt status told The Washington Times that a “small number” of his clients were recently contacted, seven months after the investigation was supposed to have begun.

Four days later they announce there won’t be any charges. Yup, real thorough probe there.

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4 Responses to “Tea Party Lawyer: “This has been a big, bureaucratic, former-Soviet-Union-type investigation, which means that there was no investigation””

  1. L.E. Liesner on 14/14/14 at 12:03 pm

    The FBI falls under the Department of Justice, and Eric Holder using his office as Attorney General to aid and abet the criminal activities of the IRS and all the other agencies of this administration, proves that he is a criminal too. Without doubt this administration is the most corrupt in the history of our country. With all that said, our country can survive the corruption of the Obama administration, but can our country survive the idiots that continue to vote for this kind of corruption. These are the same people that are jumping for joy in the hope of a Hillary Clinton presidency. Stupidity compounded by idiocy.

  2. JoyO on 14/14/14 at 2:55 pm

    It took the FBI eight months to contact the first Conservative abused by the IRS. Guess they were working on the final report saying the IRS was innocent and finally realized it might look a “little” suspicious if they didn’t interview any of the Conservatives or Tea Party folks whose applications were held up for years.

    When you consider that the Board that Obama named to investigate Benghazi did not interview Hillary either, there seems to be a pattern developing. The newly transformed America under Obama is beginning to look a lot like the old Russia.

  3. JoyO on 14/14/14 at 3:01 pm

    ATTN: Jammiewf.com

    Hey, if I am remembering correctly, you had a link yesterday that we could use to file a complain with the IRS about their new regulations which in essence legalizes the IRS’s abusing Conservatives and Tea Party folks in the future. Could you please include that link again — I linked to it yesterday but had to quit since I was in my dentist’s office…and then I couldn’t remember where I had seen the link. I have some TP folks willing to fill it out and who are prepared for an IRS audit thereafter.

  4. mike191 on 14/14/14 at 4:01 pm

    The DOJ and The FBI are complicit with this criminal enterprise.

    Republicans better grow a spine, and if they can overcome the voter fraud of the 2014 elections ,begin to have impeachment hearings for the members of this cabal.

    When the election of 2016 takes place: one of the Republican party Platforms should be the firing of all FBI AND DOJ staff who allowed this whitewash to exist.