Tab for Treating Ebola Doctor in NYC: $20 Million

Posted by on Nov 17, 2014 at 10:03 am

Gee, only $20 million? What a bargain! And guess who New York Senator Chuckie Schumer wants to pick up the tab?

You, of course.

Senator Charles Schumer wants President Obama to pick up New York City’s more than $20 million tab for treating its first Ebola patient.

Since the Big Apple and Bellevue Hospital treated and cured Dr. Craig Spencer of the “infectious disease that is a threat to the nation,” the New York lawmaker believes the government should pony up and reimburse the city.

“Last week, Dr. Spencer thankfully returned home healthy and free of Ebola,” Schumer said Sunday. “But the world-class response mounted by New York City and Bellevue HHC was not free, and the bottom line is local communities and local taxpayers should not foot the whole bill for handling an infectious disease that is a threat to the nation.”

The senator said that the city and hospital should be compensated in the same way that communities are compensated following a natural disaster.

“Moreover, we must make sure that there is funding available in the future for any city that may handle a confirmed Ebola case,” he added.

The proposed “Ebola Contingency Fund” would help control the spread of the deadly virus by establishing a way to properly fund states and localities so they can treat patients.

Of course we could quarantine them before they’re let loose on the public, but no, Obama doesn’t want that.

An obvious question follows:

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