Survey says ObamaCare rate shocks accelerating

Posted by on Apr 08, 2014 at 2:41 pm

Senate Democrats were starting to feel a little better about midterms. It was partly because of the White House publicity push claiming to have met enrollment standards for ObamaCare last week. But it was mostly because of a twofold strategy now on display: appeal to centrist voters by embracing some modest mitigations of the law while leaving President Obama to petrify Democratic base voters with targeted threats about what a Republican Senate might do. Let Obama, already unpopular with independents, play the heel while Senate Democrats get to adopt poses of concern and independence. Take that Nate Silver! But that happy thought bubble just got popped. Health-insurance premiums are accelerating at the fastest pace ever measured in a survey conducted by market analysts at Morgan Stanley. The forecast rise, largely attributable to ObamaCare, comes from a survey of insurance brokers around the country. As American Enterprise Institute scholar Scott Gottlieb explains for Forbes, the numbers are crushingly high (this chart highlights the spike).

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