Stuck in ObamaCare Hell: Man Spends Six Weeks, 60 Hours on Phone Trying to Cancel Plan, Still Can’t

Posted by on Feb 28, 2014 at 9:53 am

ObamaCare: It’s the roach motel for humans. Once you’re in forget about getting out.

“We are hearing about a new problem that involves the Affordable Care Act,” said the anchor. “People who signed up for coverage are finding it impossible to cancel their plans. Channel 9’s Lori Brown spoke with an Orlando man who has been trying unsuccessfully to cancel for more than six weeks now.”

“Andrew Robinson was looking forward to getting health insurance through the Affordable Care Act. He has a small publishing business and works part time, so he hasn’t had coverage. In early January he signed up for a plan that cost nearly $300 a month. About a half hour later he and his wife realized they could barely afford that. They quickly found a less expensive plan through Humana for $116 a month,” says the reporter.

“I immediately called back the Florida Blue and asked them to cancel the policy I just set up,” says Robinson.

“But he quickly learned canceling Obamacare is no easy task. … More than six weeks later after spending 50 to 60 hours on the phone his policy is still not canceled and he is still waiting for the payment Florida Blue withdrew from his account to be refunded.”

According to Dingy Harry, he’s clearly lying and making this horror story up.

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