‘Special Ed’ Schultz: ‘Gay People Were Really the Ones Persecuted in Hitler’s Germany’

Posted by on May 13, 2014 at 8:03 am

His only defense to this unbridled lunacy may be the Anthony Weiner defense that he was hacked. What kind of sick mind comes up with this lunacy?


An estimated 6 million Jews were murdered during the holocaust. Another 5 million were murdered- these people consisted of homosexuals, blacks, gypsies, mentally and physically disabled and various others who were considered enemies of the state.
Though it is important to remain mindful that the holocaust was not exclusively an elimination of Jews and honor all the victim’s of Hitler’s regime, for Schultz to purposefully skew history in this way is unacceptable and, frankly, too-closely akin to holocaust denial.
The question now is: Will the left call Schultz on his behavior? Or will they sweep it under the rug as they so often do for liberals?
They’ll ignore it. Presumably he was on a screed against the right for their “homophobia” or whatever:

So if you disagree with this nutcase, hey, you’re just like Hitler!

“Louie is a little short on his Nazi history. Gay people were really the ones being persecuted in Hitler’s Germany,” the host stated, his emphasis heavily on the phrase “really the ones being persecuted.” Schultz continued to cite the United States Holocaust Museum’s statistics assessing the victims at between 5,000 and 15,000 gay men who were interned in concentration camps where, according to many survivor accounts, they were among the most abused, a point the host likewise emphasized. Really the ones, most abused … most historians place the number Jews murdered by the Nazis at around 6 million, and the suffering and injustices suffered there by all the victims are uncountable.

If MSNBC has a shred of integrity this guy would have been fired by now.

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9 Responses to “‘Special Ed’ Schultz: ‘Gay People Were Really the Ones Persecuted in Hitler’s Germany’”

  1. Ragspierre on 13/13/14 at 8:48 am

    Schultz is a moron who knows nothing about history.

    Some of the most vicious Nazis were “gay” men.

  2. Drumwaster on 13/13/14 at 10:17 am

    “If MSNBC has a shred of integrity{, then} this guy would have been fired by now.”

    When the ‘if’ turns out to be false, there is no wonder why the ‘then’ fails to occur.

  3. RickZ on 13/13/14 at 10:26 am

    If MSNBC has a shred of integrity

    ‘. . . shred if dignity’? What the Climate Disruption like on your planet?

  4. Curmudgeon on 13/13/14 at 11:12 am

    To the extent that gay men were persecuted in Nazi Germany, it was because they were on the losing end of a fight between factions within the Nazi Party. See Roehm, Ernst or “The Night Of The Long Knives”

  5. Hogan on 13/13/14 at 12:13 pm

    Schultz is a sick man, his comment was clearly not an inadvertent one. How did Schultz manage to get promoted from being a Sergeant at Stalag 13, and being laughed at by Hogan and the boys, to becoming a host on radio & television. Well…, on second thought, scratch that one…; getting a job on MSNBC is actually a demotion…..

  6. formwiz on 13/13/14 at 12:15 pm

    He forgot Catholics and Jehovah’s Witnesses. But, then, he also forgot the Nuremburg Laws, Kristallnacht, etc.

    PS Homosexuals were persecuted because the Nazis, Himmler especially, wanted young Aryan males having sex with young Aryan females and having lots of little Aryans, not with other Aryan males .

    The SA was full of them (they loved talking about a “Greek military” existence, removed from women), however, and Rohm loved to flaunt his fetishes, which was not going over well with your average German, thus creating a PR problem.

  7. Rusty Nail on 13/13/14 at 12:24 pm

    Obama could sell nukes to Abbas and Jews would still vote in lock-step for Democrats while Tel Aviv is glowing in the dark. So Ed will feel no heat from this.

  8. Johann Schlackwürst on 13/13/14 at 1:36 pm

    Really? Is that why homosexual Sturmabteilung (SA) leader Ernst Röhm who fought in Hitler’s battalion in WWwas the only person to ever address Hitler with the informal Du instead of the formal Sie. Usually only family members and lifelong friends address someone with Du which means you in Deutsch. It didn’t save Ernst when the Schutzstaffeln (SS) consolidated power on The Night of the Long Knives in 1934. SS assassins shot him at point blank range in a prison cell.