Sorry, Warmies: California Drought Wasn’t Caused by So-Called Climate Change

Posted by on Dec 09, 2014 at 7:34 am
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The science is settled, bitches.

Natural conditions, not human-caused emissions of greenhouse gases, are the driving force behind California’s three-year dry spell, scientists on a federal task force concluded Monday. But the report came under fire from some experts who said it downplayed other factors that have humanity’s fingerprints on them.

The evidence suggests a naturally induced “warm patch” of water in the western Pacific helped to create a high-pressure ridge that blocked precipitation from entering California, the experts said at a news conference to release the report.

“We have been able to identify this as a mode of ocean forcing of atmospheric circulation that causes West Coast drought,” said Richard Seager, a climate model specialist at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.

Other studies suggesting a global warming link are off the mark since they hadn’t spotted the warm patch’s influence, but that’s not to say emissions aren’t having other impacts, according to the task force assembled by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

“The report is not dismissive of global warming at all,” said Marty Hoerling, a meteorologist at NOAA’s Earth System Research Lab. “At the same time, drought is not a consequence of the warming planet to date.”

So when you want a contrary opinion on the settled science, who does NBC go to? Why the one man with the least credibility on the subject, of course.

But critics included Michael Mann, director of Penn State’s Earth Science Center. He quickly penned a piece online, calling the report “deeply flawed” because of how it interpreted ocean and Arctic sea ice data, and focused on rainfall while paying “only the slightest lip service” to record warm temperatures in California.

Yes, the same fraud exposed for his hockey stick nonsense. You would think the media would look for someone with credibility.

Now remember how the climate alarmists always tell us the science is settled? Well, in this case they claim it’s not. How convenient.

In any case, the scientists did agree on this: The science is far from settled.

“This is by no means a final analysis, or final word, about the California drought,” said Hoerling.

Oh, OK. Yet when rational people point out glaciers aren’t melting they wag their fingers and tell us the science is settled.

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3 Responses to “Sorry, Warmies: California Drought Wasn’t Caused by So-Called Climate Change”

  1. deadrody on 9/09/14 at 9:39 am

    How exactly could it be caused by global warming when the planet hasn’t actually warmed in 18 years !???! Record temperatures in California are not indicative of global warming. Global temperatures have been statistically stable for 18 years. If California’s temperatures are abnormally high, that means temperatures somewhere else are abnormally cold in order for AVERAGE temperatures to be stable.

  2. mjhlaw on 9/09/14 at 10:33 am

    In the discussions of drought in California, why is the decision to change water distribution to the Central Valley to protect the Delta Smelt not mentioned? My understanding is that this is a proximate cause of the issue here…where am I wrong?

  3. red speck on 9/09/14 at 10:55 am

    mjhlaw, water distribution is a cause of major debate in CA, and the delta smelt and enviro-weenie influences certainly play a factor there; the causes of the lack of precipitation is another matter. That scientists have been able to discover a major influence on CA weather patterns that will help them better ration their resources is significant.

    What I can’t understand is that if the state’s major economic engine (farming) is in dire straits due to lack of water, and you have the Pacific freakin ocean sitting right there, AND you have billions of dollars to spend on high-speed rail to nowhere, wouldn’t it behoove the governor to shift his priorities to coastal desalination plants and pipelines to alleviate the dependency on finicky weather patterns?