So-Called ‘Global Warming’ Now Causing More Harsh Winters or Something

Posted by on Oct 27, 2014 at 8:03 am

Junk science. Is there anything it can’t do?

The risk of severe winters in Europe and northern Asia has been doubled by global warming, according to new research. The counter-intuitive finding is the result of climate change melting the Arctic ice cap and causing new wind patterns that push freezing air and snow southwards.

Hate to spoil the party here but the Arctic ice is at record levels.

Severe winters over the last decade have been associated with those years in which the melting of Arctic sea ice was greatest. But the new work is the most comprehensive computer modelling study to date and indicates the frozen winters are being caused by climate change, not simply by natural variations in weather.

“The origin of frequent Eurasian severe winters is global warming,” said Prof Masato Mori, at the University of Tokyo, who led the new research. Climate change is heating the Arctic much faster than lower latitudes and the discovery that the chances of severe winters has already doubled shows that the impacts of global warming are not only a future threat. Melting Arctic ice has also been implicated in recent wet summers in the UK.

We repeat: Arctic ice is at record levels.

Speaking of junk science, Tim Blair notes we have only 37 days left until Doomsday according to one hysterical woman with zero credibility.


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One Response to “So-Called ‘Global Warming’ Now Causing More Harsh Winters or Something”

  1. STW on 27/27/14 at 1:00 pm

    I’m a bit slow sometimes but melting arctic ice caps and colder winters seem a bit of a stretch, at least here in Montana. I’ve noticed over the past several winters that there is not a whole lot of melting going on. We generally reserve the bulk of it for spring.