Sharpton Lawyer Accused of Rape is ‘Hung Like a Cashew’

Posted by on Oct 07, 2014 at 7:43 am
Sanford Rubenstein

Funny how the War on Women crowd isn’t marching against Al Sharpton’s lawyer, who’s been accused of raping a woman last week following Sharpton’s 60th birthday party. Being a card-carrying liberal sure has its privileges.

Accused-rapist lawyer Sanford Rubenstein is an aging, skirt-chasing lothario who relies on his wealth and notoriety to seduce the much-younger gals he favors — tall, tough, tattooed types, sources told The Post.

“The guy’s hung like a cashew,” a source said Monday of Rubenstein, with a neighbor adding that the 70-year-old lawyer relies on amenities such as stretch limos to attract women.

Rubenstein is under criminal investigation in the alleged rape of a retail exec and National Action Network official after the Rev. Al Sharpton’s 60th-birthday party last week, but he hasn’t been charged.

He is frequently seen squiring around women barely out of their teens, the longtime neighbor said.

“Not the kind of women you’d expect. He uses the penthouse and the limo to [attract] them,” said the neighbor outside Rubenstein’s East 64th Street building.

“Every time I see him, he wants to tell me about his latest ménage à trois. It’s all about sex with this guy. He’s a real p- - -y hound.”

Sources said Rubenstein began his sexcapades decades ago — and “has not changed” a bit since.

“He’s off the wall. He’ll pop Viagra,” for the ladies, one source claimed.

Sounds like a class act.

Rubenstein is accused of raping a 42-year-old woman — a top aide to Sharpton — while she was passed out drunk in his apartment early Thursday.

Mark it down: Nothing will happen. Sharpton is basically the boss of the idiot mayor of New York, so expect either no charges or a hush-hush payment to the alleged victim. This is how the left rolls. Although the irony of a guy who forged his “career” on the basis of a fake rape accusation seeing his lawyer accused of rape is rather interesting, no matter the outcome.

We wonder what Steven Pagones thinks of all this?


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10 Responses to “Sharpton Lawyer Accused of Rape is ‘Hung Like a Cashew’”

  1. FOAF on 8/08/14 at 1:08 am

    “Sounds like a class act”

    What else would you expect from Al Sharpton’s lawyer?

  2. J.S.Bridges on 9/09/14 at 2:36 am

    Yeh, ‘kay, but tell us the truth, now – was it actually, you know, RAPE-rape?…

    Those Golden Goils on The View really, REALLY wanna know…