Shady Democrat Sugar Daddy May Spend More Than $100 Million on Midterms

Posted by on Apr 27, 2014 at 2:43 pm

But remember, the Koch brothers are trying to buy the GOP or something.

Steyer and his political action group, NextGen Climate, are hoping that this is a trend, and that governors from states like California, Washington and Oregon, and leaders in the province of British Columbia will lead the way with their push to regulate polluters.

To help catalyze change in Congress, though, Steyer has said he will throw his political muscle behind candidates that will take a stand on climate change.

While previous reports have quoted Steyer as saying he will throw $100 million into 2014 races, Steyer sought to correct that statement.

“What I said is: If you said to me how much would I be willing to spend to make this what I believe it is, the most important issue in the minds of American’s, then I think $100 million would be very low,” Steyer said.

He wouldn’t be pinned down on a specific number.

Well, one Democrat donor probably won’t be spending much this year so someone’s got to make up the deficit. And as to this bogus climate change nonsense being an important issue, someone needs a reality check.


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