Schmuck Schumer: Hey, How About a Federal Subsidy for Dopey NYC Bicycle Program?

Posted by on Apr 05, 2014 at 11:07 am

Just keep pushing, Chuckie, and you’ll have a full-fledged revolt on your hands. This is liberalism in a nutshell, folks. Come up with a cockamamie program to induce people to rent bicycles to get around Manhattan. Then when it fails, foist it off on the federal taxpayers. When that doesn’t work, call them bigots or something. The lust for taxpayer money is so powerful they want you pretty much to pay for everything.

 Sen. Charles Schumer is riding to the rescue of struggling Citi Bike.

Schumer, a powerful Senate Finance Committee member and bike rider, tacked an amendment onto a pork-laden tax “extenders” bill that lets employers offer tax-shielded benefits for bike-sharing, just as they do for subway and other commuter benefits.

The committee passed the amendment Thursday without opposition, and reported out the tax break bill with the bike-share provision included.

It now heads to the Senate floor and the House, where its fate is uncertain.

Capped at $250 per year, the new break would let employees pay their bike-share bill with pre-tax dollars — meaning the government would be subsidizing their rides.

The current cost of an annual bike-share membership is $95.

Alta Bicycle Share, which operates the program, has already indicated that annual fees will be going up.

The federal subsidy would soften the blow to riders.

No. Just no.

Despite its success, Citi Bike has run into steep financial troubles.

It has signed up about 100,000 riders, but still needs to raise millions to continue operations.

City Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg said in March that the program faces “a number of financial and operational challenges.”

How can they possibly call something a success when it’s facing financial collapse? Here’s an idea: How about the people who came up with this scam pay for it themselves? Crazy, we know.


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2 Responses to “Schmuck Schumer: Hey, How About a Federal Subsidy for Dopey NYC Bicycle Program?”

  1. STW on 5/05/14 at 12:01 pm

    One of the first rules of government programs is that success is measured by how many people sign up. The bike program is a success because 100k people signed up. Obamacare is a success because 7.1 million people signed up. One of these numbers is as believable as the other and evidence that the first rule of government spending, “other peoples money,” is working.