Scandalous: DeBlasio Donors Exploited Loopholes to Get Around Campaign Finance Laws

Posted by on Jan 13, 2014 at 8:55 am

Move along, nothing to see here. We can’t have the latest liberal dreamboat get in any trouble or anything.

  Mayor de Blasio took political fundraising to new extremes during his come-from-behind campaign, a Daily News review has found.

Deep-pocket donors showered him with checks far in excess of the usual campaign finance limitations, thanks to loopholes that allowed for double and even triple-giving.

De Blasio was able to raise money on three fronts in the same election cycle: first for his campaign, then for a $300,000 fine he still owed from a 2009 campaign, and finally for his inauguration and transition costs.

That meant individual donors limited to giving no more than $4,950 per election cycle were able to give the maximum amount again and again, writing checks to de Blasio — who railed at loopholes as a candidate — twice and even three times.

Clearly we need a federal investigation for such illegal behavior.

  By law, individuals aren’t supposed to give more than $4,950 per candidate per election, but there are plenty of loopholes that make such a hard-and-fast restriction meaningless.

While running for mayor, candidate de Blasio himself attacked this problem, complaining about “the rich and powerful having their voices heard above the rest of us because of weak laws and loopholes that allow money to permeate our elections.”

He rails against the rich and powerful while greedily taking their money. Typical liberal.

At least two donors appear to have set a record — managing to give to de Blasio not once, not twice but three times: once to his campaign, once to his inauguration and once to help him settle the old campaign debt owed for illegally plastering posters all over the city back in 2009.

That’s just scratching the surface:

  And that was only the beginning. Bonomo acted as an intermediary for both the 2013 campaign and the inauguration, raising a total of $71,500 from friends and family for de Blasio — more than 14 times the amount an individual is allowed to give.

The other triple giver was David Kuperberg, CEO of one of the city’s biggest real estate brokerages, Cooper Square Realty, who gave de Blasio the max of $4,950 toward the 2009 debt, $4,950 for his mayoral campaign and $4,500 for the inauguration.

Records on donations for the 2009 debt have only been released through July. More triple-givers could surface when de Blasio updates the disclosure forms for the 2009 committee later this week.

They’ll surely be hurriedly revising these to cover up any illegalities. Which doesn’t really matter since Democrats are above the law.

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One Response to “Scandalous: DeBlasio Donors Exploited Loopholes to Get Around Campaign Finance Laws”

  1. Blacque Jacques Shellacque on 13/13/14 at 9:47 pm

    They’ll surely be hurriedly revising these to cover up any illegalities.

    Only if legal action is taken.

    If not, count on it happening again on the next election cycle.