Remember Obama’s VA Scandal? Robert J. Dole VA Medical Center Admits To Putting Veterans On ‘Secret Waiting List’

Posted by on Jun 04, 2014 at 7:07 am

We’re so old we can remember last Friday when the VA scandal reached its zenith with Eric Shinseki being thrown under the bus. Obama thought he’d cleverly distract his media morons with his trading the Taliban Five for deserter Bowe Bergdahl, but that hasn’t quite worked out as planned. Now perhaps the media can get back to his massive VA scandal for a bit.

The director of the Wichita VA hospital admitted Friday that veterans seeking medical care may have been put on a secret waiting list.

According to the Wichita Eagle, the list was brought to light by a fax sent to Senators Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran on behalf of director Francisco Vazquez. The fax said that Wichita veterans had to wait more than 90 days for an appointment with a primary care doctor.

It also reportedly said the U.S. Office of Inspector General found 10 secret lists in its Midwest network, which includes Kansas, Missouri and parts of Illinois, Arkansas and Kentucky. The list from Dole Medical Center in Wichita is one of them.

KMUW contacted Dole Medical Center’s interim public affairs officer Diane Henderson, who said the facility will not be releasing an official statement. Henderson said she could be contacted by e-mail. But has not responded to e-mail questions.

Since Dole is a Republican, we’ll assume he’ll get the blame. Anyway, it would be nice if the Obama media could juggle more than one story at a time.

But then the Beltway press did what it always does, reducing a complicated story to a game of who’s up and who’s down. The media practically demanded Eric Shinseki’s head, to the point that President Obama had to oust his Cabinet officer simply to change the subject.

Since the resignation last Friday, we’ve seen the Incredible Shrinking VA Story, especially on television. Yes, it pops up now and then, but it’s no longer top-of-the-newscast stuff—as if the problems magically vanished with Shinseki’s departure.

The news cycle moves on, I get it. Everyone’s now obsessed with the strange tale of Bowe Bergdahl, the Taliban prisoner swap and whether he’s a deserter. Apple unveiled a new operating system. Rob Ford is out of rehab and going back to work. More GOP primaries. It’s always something.

But this is serious business. That Journal piece says the rate of potentially lethal infections from central-intravenous lines was 11 times as high among the Phoenix patients as at top VA hospitals. The Atlanta and Houston hospitals were also rated poorly. Did you see any TV networks following up on that?

No, they’ve paid more attention to Obama’s latest “climate change” scaremongering than anything else.


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