Ready to Lead: Clinton Passes on Keystone Question

Posted by on Mar 06, 2014 at 7:33 am

A simple question that these days appears to be a no-brainer for anyone other than extreme environmental wackos. But she’s afraid to answer.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declined to weigh in on the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline during a private speech Wednesday night, according to CNN.

The news network quoted multiple people in the room saying Clinton deferred because it would be unfair to comment on a question that is being reviewed by the State Department, which she previously led.

Following an environmental impact study released in late January, the State Department is expected to make a recommendation about the pipeline to the White House. The administration is currently in a 90-day review.

According to CNN, former Canadian Ambassador to the United States Frank McKenna asked about the project after her speech at the Vancouver Board of Trade’s Women’s Leadership Circle.

“She immediately deferred to answer the question on Keystone,” said Iain Black, the president of the Vancouver Board of Trade.

He added: “She said it just wouldn’t be appropriate to comment. She chose her words really carefully.”

CNN quoted others describing Clinton’s words.

This is the bold decisive leadership America yearns for. Perhaps she’s a little jumpy after the whole Putin is Hitler thing, which she walked back Wednesday. Speaking of which, you know who would be wise enough to approve Keystone? Vladimir Putin. Just saying.

Meanwhile, Clinton fans eager to vote for her in 2016 expound on her voluminous accomplishments:

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One Response to “Ready to Lead: Clinton Passes on Keystone Question”

  1. hutch1200 on 7/07/14 at 4:35 pm

    These people are Dain Bramaged
    As someone stated, Marco Polo traveled a lot, but I don’t want him as Prez!
    You know who travels a lot too? Putin, in a F’ng TANK!