Racist: ObamaCare Website Doesn’t Accept Green Cards

Posted by on Nov 19, 2014 at 8:50 am

They might want to get this fixed before Obama’s Democrat Voter Registration Drive/Amnesty goes into effect.

Like other HealthCare.gov customers, immigrants are relieved that the government’s health insurance website is working fairly well this year. They’re baffled, though, by what looks like an obvious lapse: There is no clear way to upload a copy of their green card, the government identification document that shows they are legal U.S. residents and therefore entitled to benefits under President Barack Obama’s health care law.

“It doesn’t list the green card as an option to upload,” said Elizabeth Colvin of Foundation Communities, an Austin, Texas, group that serves low-income people, including many immigrants. There’s a way to upload copies of other types of documentation, Colvin said, but not green cards.

“The limited list of documents is confusing people and needs to be updated to include all accepted documents to verify identity,” she added.

Administration spokesman Aaron Albright said a fix was in the works. “We are working to make it clear that consumers with any type of immigration issue can upload any form that is requested, including a copy of their green card,” he said.

We might need a new army of ObamaCare navigators who habla espanol to help get the new “immigrants” all their freebies.

Immigrants can enter their green card number on the website. But what happens next is creating confusion.

Some applicants say they have been told by the HealthCare.gov call center to mail in copies of their green cards. But that’s a worry, since there were widespread complaints this year that copies of immigration documents sent in the mail got lost.

That would really be a shame. Curious, though, that Democrats freak out that you need an ID to vote, but require one for ObamaCare.

Meanwhile, your ObamaCare sign of the day:

It’s free, huh?


One Response to “Racist: ObamaCare Website Doesn’t Accept Green Cards”

  1. chris on 19/19/14 at 4:54 pm

    As someone who had their policy cancelled immediately following the election (cancellation postmarked Nov. 4), I looked at healthcare.gov as we try to deal with the disaster of OBamboozlecare.

    While my family is screwed (essentially we get a 100% increase in premium and 26% increase in deductible) for a worse policy. One can see the scam by running an overview (no registration or personal info involved) and changing income level say from $20k to $50k to $90k. Mr. $50k gets to pay about $220/mo. and Mr. $90k gets to pay $1,425/mo. for the same policy while Mr. Deadbeat gets signed up for Medicaid. When you hear about $200 policies, they are bklatant lies. What you have is a huge taxpayer subsidy for a $1,425 policy. No wonder the insurance compnaies love this scam.

    Regarding immigration status, the site blatantly encourages families to find a member who has legal status and then get illegals in under that person’s policy. They explicitly state they will not try to verify anyone’s status beyond the identity used to score a policy – more than a wink