Putin Nominated for 2014 Nobel Peace Prize

Posted by on Mar 05, 2014 at 9:01 am

This makes as much sense as Obama actually winning it.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been nominated for the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize – but the conflict in Ukraine is also likely to be on the Nobel committee’s agenda.

A record 278 candidates, including 47 organizations, received nominations for the 2014 prize, said the Norwegian Nobel Institute’s director, Geir Lundestad.

Committee members who met on Tuesday added their own proposals with a focus on recent turmoil around the globe.

“Part of the purpose of the committee’s first meeting is to take into account recent events, and committee members try to anticipate what could be the potential developments in political hotspots,” Lundestad said.

Knowing their track record we can see him winning in a landslide.

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2 Responses to “Putin Nominated for 2014 Nobel Peace Prize”

  1. Hypothetical Scenario? on 5/05/14 at 11:12 am

    What if the incompetent community agitator is just an act by the halfrican queen infiltrator rat? Only JWF and another page linked off of Bad Blue have made this suggestion. Dear Leader loves him some Soviet Union and wants to see its return.

  2. SNuss on 5/05/14 at 5:46 pm

    Well, if such noted peacemakers as Yassir Arafat, Jimmy Carter, and Barack Hussein Obama are qualified, in the delusional minds of the Nobel committee, why not Putin?