Piling On: Feds Investigating Christie’s Use of Sandy Relief Funds

Posted by on Jan 13, 2014 at 8:06 am

Well, it’s not as if there wasn’t suspicion about this going back to his re-election campaign. If you were anywhere withing earshot of New York and New Jersey radio stations or television in 2013, you couldn’t avoid the “StrongerThan the Storm” ad campaign that prominently featured the media’s former favorite Republican. Now he’s Public Enemy Number One and facing a relentless jihad from the left.

Just days after dismissing two top advisers for their roles in the George Washington Bridge scandal, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is facing questions over the use of Superstorm Sandy relief funds.

CNN has learned that federal officials are investigating whether Christie improperly used those relief funds to produce tourism ads that starred him and his family.

The news couldn’t come at a worse time for the scandal-plagued Republican, who is facing two probes into whether his staff tied up traffic near the country’s busiest bridge to punish a Democratic mayor who refused to endorse his successful re-election bid.

If the Sandy inquiry finds any wrongdoing, it could prove even more damaging to Christie’s national ambitions. His performance during and after the superstorm has been widely praised and is a fundamental part of his straight-shooting political brand.

In the new probe, federal auditors will examine New Jersey’s use of $25 million in Sandy relief funds for a marketing campaign to promote tourism at the Jersey Shore after Sandy decimated the state’s coastline in late 2012, New Jersey Democratic Rep. Frank Pallone told CNN

In an August letter, Pallone asked the Department of Housing and Urban Development inspector general to look into how Christie chose to spend the marketing money approved by the department.

New Jersey Democrats smell blood and won’t be letting go of the so-called Bridgegate scandal any time soon. It doesn’t matter if they have the goods on him or not. It’s personal and they want to destroy him any way they can. A shame for Christie he’s alienated the right so often the past couple of years. Otherwise he might have more than a few token Republicans defending him. We can only imagine what might happen if the media ever took interest in the voluminous Obama scandals that are quite arguably far worse than anything Christie’s ever done. If the Sunday babblehead shows are any indication, Christie’s in for a lengthy rectal examination.

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One Response to “Piling On: Feds Investigating Christie’s Use of Sandy Relief Funds”

  1. Lightwave on 13/13/14 at 9:38 am

    The correct response to this is “So you’ve just proven your news organization will do anything to distract the voters from the ongoing Obameecare disaster and Hillary Clinton’s role in the Benghazi coverup. When are you going to do your job and cover that?”

    If every conservative brought on the air to talk about Christie answered with this and nothing else, this idiocy would have been killed last week.