Oh Good: Now Useless NYC Council Members are Blocking Traffic

Posted by on Dec 08, 2014 at 5:24 pm

These morons do realize keeping citizens from getting around isn’t winning over any converts, right? It’s almost like New Yorkers have elected a bunch of whiny agitators to office.

Oh, wait…

About half of the New York City Council blocked traffic on Broadway before marching into a stated meeting at City Hall, shouting “I can’t breathe” in protest of a grand jury’s decision not to indict a police officer in the death of Eric Garner on Staten Island.

“This Council will not remain silent, because black lives matter—because all lives matter. And we are not going to stop until there is reform and justice for all,” Councilwoman Debi Rose, a Staten Island Democrat, said when the members had reached the floor of the council chambers.

Ms. Rose represents the North Shore of Staten Island, where Garner died after a police officer, Daniel Pantaleo, placed him in what has been described as a prohibited NYPD chokehold while trying to arrest him for selling loose cigarettes. Last week a grand jury on Staten Island opted not to indict Mr. Pantaleo on any charges, spurring days of protests.

The most useless political body in America is now even more useless.

Today, in response to a death closer to home, the members and activists followed a playbook familiar from the last week of protests. They first staged a “die-in,” lying on the ground at City Hall. Then they marched outside—past a huge gathering of Teamsters huddled to protest the Council’s introduction of a bill to ban horse carriages—and out to the street to block traffic for several minutes.

The elected officials and activists then returned to City Hall, waiting in a lengthy line to pass through security, as activists chanted and sang. Some of the Teamsters set aside their differences over the horse bill to join in for a “Hands up, don’t shoot,” chant. The group of Council members headed up the stairs, followed by a mass of people, including many clergy, chanting and then singing “We Shall Overcome” in the cavernous rotunda outside the Council chambers.

Hate to break it to them, but Mike Brown never had his hands up.

Meanwhile, an adult observer of the scene weighed in today.

Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani doubled-down on comments he made last week about the need to address the phenomenon of black-on-black crime, blaming “liberal guilty whites” like Mayor Bill de Blasio and teachers unions for exacerbating the problem.

Speaking on WABC’s Geraldo Rivera radio program, Mr. Giuliani reiterated his criticism of Mr. de Blasio and like-minded progressive politicians for what he claimed was an over-focus on police abuse and killing of blacks, and what he argued was insufficient attention to the high crime rates in African-American neighborhoods. He claimed the refusal to address the latter problem is making it worse.

“The only reason there are more [police] encounters with blacks is because there’s considerably more crimes against blacks. Somebody was on television this weekend, asking how come there are so many blacks in prison. Well, how about because they commit 70 percent of the murders in New York City. That’s not a racist comment, Geraldo. That’s a fact. I think it’s racist not to acknowledge that,” he said. “The only way you restore confidence between these two communities is to get them to tell the truth about each other.”

Instead of reacting with reason and facts,  the angry left will just call him racist, of course.


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