Obama’s Top Agenda Priorities Nowhere To Be Found in Gallup Poll of Issues Important to Americans

Posted by on Feb 18, 2014 at 10:59 am

If he had to do something about the top items on the list it would highlight what an incredible failure he’s been. As he obsesses over so-called “climate change” and “income inequality” those diversions don’t even crack the top ten as far as voters are concerned.

Americans have a new No. 1 problem. Nearly one in four Americans mention jobs and unemployment as the most important problem facing the country, up from 16% in January. The government and politicians had topped the list since the government shutdown in October.

Prior to last fall, either jobs or the economy had led the “most important problem” list going back to February 2008, and these two have regained their top spots in the Feb. 6-9 poll.

Healthcare continues to rank among the top problems, with 15% naming it, unchanged from January. Mentions of the federal debt/budget deficit are stable at 8%, despite Congress’ increasing the debt ceiling in February.

Mentions of immigration increased slightly to 6% in February, compared with 3% in January. At least 3% of Americans mention ethics/moral issues, education, lack of money, and poverty.

Immigration makes it onto the lsit but in conjunction with illegal aliens. We doubt many of those who mention it are clamoring for more illegals.

Memo to the GOP: Mention Obama’s dreary economy early and often this election cycle.



So what’s Obama up to today after his golf vacation?

President Obama will again bypass Congress and take executive actions to promote his agenda on Tuesday – this time by ordering the federal government to develop the next round of greenhouse gas standards for medium- and heavy-weight trucks by March 2016.

Back in Washington from a three-day trip to California, Obama will announce the new executive orders, which the White House said are aimed at curbing climate change, at a Safeway distribution center in Upper Marlboro, Md.

Nobody cares, but in his mind he’s doing something.

One Response to “Obama’s Top Agenda Priorities Nowhere To Be Found in Gallup Poll of Issues Important to Americans”

  1. Acethepug on 19/19/14 at 6:36 am

    “It’s the economy, stupid” only works when the Propaganda Arm of the Democratic Party, aka the Media, runs with it.

    Notice how the economy, as horrible and moribund as it is, doesn’t get even remotely the play it did under GW Bush’s 5% unemployment? And Obama’s economy is more accurately 30% unemployment.

    The real enemy, or at least the most treacherous and deadly, is the media. As long as they are allowed to frame what is and is not an issue, it will be used to prop up the Lying Left, reality be damned.

    And Obama is the living personification of both income inequality (how many rounds of golf, how many lavish vacations while he talks about sticking it to the rich?) AND the lie of climate change. Like Gore, if he believed what his lying mouth was saying, perhaps he might adjust his habits.

    But when he and the First Lady (and sometimes the First Pets) fly on separate planes? Makes it awfully hard for me to believe Obama really believes in Climate Change.

    No, like the ACA, it is all about control.