Obama’s Former Labor Secretary Busted in Blatant Violation of the Hatch Act

Posted by on Jul 16, 2014 at 12:57 pm
Hilda Solis

Considering the vast breadth and scope of Obama’s criminal enterprise this is small potatoes, but it’s worth noting we have concrete recorded evidence of criminal behavior by his former Labor Secretary Hilda Solis.

A former top Obama appointee solicited donations for the president’s reelection campaign on the job, according to audio recordings released by the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday.

Former Labor Secretary Hilda Solis allegedly violated the Hatch Act, which prohibits political activity on government time, when she invited an unnamed person to a fundraiser for President Obama’s super PAC.

“Hi—this is Hilda Solis calling, um, just calling you off-the-record here—Wanted to ask you if you could, um, help us get folks organized to come to a fundraiser that we’re doing for Organizing for America for Obama campaign on Friday at La Fonda at 6 P.M.,” she says in the voicemail obtained by the committee.

Solis served as the guest of honor at the fundraiser. Although political appointees are allowed to privately participate in fundraisers, they are prohibited from conducting such business on company time. The committee says that the call came from Solis’ government phone. On the call, she asks the person to recruit other attendees for the fundraiser.


Solis is just the latest federal employee to become embroiled in Hatch Act violations. Last week the IRS suspended a worker for exhorting callers to vote for Obama in 2012.

Solis was elected to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in June, despite the FBI inquiry and committee investigation into her activities. Her transition team did not respond to request for comment.

Over to your, Chairman Issa:

With such obvious criminal behavior by Team Obama you can be assured of one thing: You won’t hear a peep about this on the network newscasts:

One Response to “Obama’s Former Labor Secretary Busted in Blatant Violation of the Hatch Act”

  1. Tuerqas on 17/17/14 at 8:51 am

    Huh, exactly what the Milwaukee DA spent 2 years and millions of dollars trying to find on Scott Walker…

    I would love to see a non-partisan probe done on every politician in state and national Government. If prosecutions came from it and, say, barred from future office, I think it would be worth a billion or o in investigation fees.