Obamacare Small-Business Plan: Higher Premiums, Less Generous Coverage and More Paperwork

Posted by on Jan 17, 2014 at 8:24 am

It’ll cost more, you’ll have less choice and more burdensome paperwork. But other than that, what’s not to like?

Enrollment in Obamacare health plans for small businesses is off to a slow start, leaving in doubt whether the U.S. program can attract enough customers to satisfy insurers.

Greeted by higher premiums, less generous coverage and more paperwork, small businesses that offer health coverage to employees are choosing to renew existing plans rather than buy them through President Barack Obama’s program. Complicating matters is the government’s failure to complete the online exchange for small businesses; in 36 states, there will be no website offering ready information on the plans until November.

The program is supposed to help insure the 31 million people who work at companies with fewer than 50 employees. In Kentucky, just 14 companies signed up for Obamacare’s small business plans as of Jan. 1, while Colorado enrolled 101, and Connecticut 106.

“Lousy,” said Kevin Counihan, the chief executive officer of Connecticut’s health exchange, Access Health CT. “We’ve done a very good job on the individual side. We’ve dropped the ball on the small-business side.”

A good job on th eindividual side? Who does this idiot think he’s kidding. Well, at least it’s affordable, as in Affordable Care Act, right? Um…

Part of the lag can also be blamed on SHOP plans that are too expensive, with premiums as much as 90 percent higher than what some firms paid last year, according to John Humkey, the owner of Employee Benefit Associates Inc., a Lexington, Kentucky-based insurance broker.

Oh well, at least more people will be covered, right?

The smaller the company, the less likely that its workers are offered health insurance, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, a Menlo Park, California-based nonprofit that studies health issues. In 2013, just 45 percent of workers at firms with fewer than 10 employees had insurance, according to Kaiser’s annual survey of employer benefits. The numbers with health benefits rose to 85 percent at companies with 25 to 49 workers, and 99 percent at companies with 200 or more employees.

Indeed, a wild success, this ObamaCare. Isn’t enforced socialism wonderful? Oh, and did we mention using Obama’s lousy website isn’t safe?

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One Response to “Obamacare Small-Business Plan: Higher Premiums, Less Generous Coverage and More Paperwork”

  1. jukin on 18/18/14 at 1:31 pm

    SO the small business exchanges won’t be operational 4 1/2 years later?

    Incompetence thy name is Barak Obama.