Obama Was Warned About VA Problems Six Years Ago

Posted by on May 19, 2014 at 8:43 am
U.S. President Barack Obama smiles as he talks with Pope Francis during a private audience at the Vatican City

So if he knew about this in 2008, it’s obviously Bush’s fault.

The Obama administration received clear notice more than five years ago that VA medical facilities were reporting inaccurate waiting times and experiencing scheduling failures that threatened to deny veterans timely health care — problems that have turned into a growing scandal.

Veterans Affairs officials warned the Obama-Biden transition team in the weeks after the 2008 presidential election that the department shouldn’t trust the wait times that its facilities were reporting.

“This is not only a data integrity issue in which [Veterans Health Administration] reports unreliable performance data; it affects quality of care by delaying — and potentially denying — deserving veterans timely care,” the officials wrote.

The briefing materials, obtained by The Washington Times through the Freedom of Information Act, make clear that the problems existed well before Mr. Obama took office, dating back at least to the Bush administration. But the materials raise questions about what actions the department took since 2009 to remedy the problems.

In recent months, reports have surfaced about secret wait lists at facilities across the country and, in the case of a Phoenix VA facility, accusations that officials cooked the books to try to hide long wait times. Some families said veterans died while on a secret wait list at the Phoenix facility.

Meanwhile, the scandal grows, with reportedly more than 100 deaths due to treatment delays.

As controversy swirls around the Veterans Administration over deaths caused by delayed care, an investigation by the Dayton Daily News found that the VA settled many cases that appear to be related to delays in treatment.

A database of paid claims by the VA since 2001 includes 167 in which the words “delay in treatment” is used in the description. The VA paid out a total of $36.4 million to settle those claims, either voluntarily or as part of a court action.

The VA has admitted that 23 people have died because of delayed care, and is facing accusations that hospital administrators are gaming the system to conceal wait times, including using a “secret list” at the VA in Phoenix. Robert Petzel, undersecretary for health care at the VA, resigned Friday, the day after he and agency head Eric Shinseki were grilled by the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs. Many have called for Shinseki’s resignation, as well.

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5 Responses to “Obama Was Warned About VA Problems Six Years Ago”

  1. OldmanRick on 19/19/14 at 12:29 pm

    Oh goodness, do tell me again and again how much the narcissistic, divisive, disingenuous, mean spirited, vindictive, whiney, snively, sissy snitch, girly man, MB loving emperor wannabe respects and admires the troops. The brat is nothing more than a CO2 and CH4 production machine every time he opens his mouth.

  2. jukin on 19/19/14 at 1:05 pm

    Leftists. Hate. The. Military.

    Is it any wonder that they would condone and facilitate the murder of veterans?

    Imagine the sh*t storm if 40+ illegals had died waiting for deportation. It would be biblical.

  3. YaHump on 19/19/14 at 2:03 pm

    Obama is so mad he actually sliced one of his golf drives on Sunday thinking about it………

  4. Hope and Change Into Zimbabwe on 20/20/14 at 9:20 am

    Dear Leader Messiah was busy working on his perpetual campaign fund raising, fastball throwing, momjeans, and putt putt.