Obama Rejected From Top NY Golf Courses Over Labor Day Weekend

Posted by on Sep 10, 2014 at 8:22 am

Hey, who needs the bad publicity by having such an unpopular politician using your course?

President Obama was turned down at several top golf courses in Westchester while he was visiting the area over Labor Day weekend, sources tell NBC 4 New York.

The Trump National Golf Club, the Winged Foot and Willow Ridge were among some of the elite courses that rebuffed the president’s request to tee off there, according to several sources who were told about the president’s advance team’s calls to the club managers.

Club managers apparently did not want to inconvenience their high-powered and high-paying members over Labor Day weekend by shutting down their courses to accommodate the president.

Did this buffoon actually think a Trump course would let him on?

The sources said the White House advance team was giving the clubs just a day or two notice to fill the president’s open Saturday morning in New York. Of several courses contacted in New York and Connecticut, a spokesman for Fairview Country Club in Greenwich said it would have accommodated the president if he had asked. That was the only club that said it would.

Well, this does explain Obama’s mysterious change in plans that weekend:

On Aug. 28, White House officials announced the president was changing his plans and that he would return to Washington Friday night instead of staying over in New York.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest explained the change that Friday as a last-minute decision by Obama to “make the late evening flight back here home to the White House.”

“He can sleep in his own bed, do a little work tomorrow, spend some time with his family and then travel back to New York tomorrow evening to attend a private event,” he said.

Nice way to spin such a humiliating rejection. Frankly, we’re surprised he even bothered to ask and instead just didn’t show up.

Political analyst Dan Gerstein said there was a time Obama would never have been turned down.

“I think he has lost that star quality he had in his first two years in office and in that 2008 campaign,” he said.

Indeed, who wants to be associated with such a failure?

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4 Responses to “Obama Rejected From Top NY Golf Courses Over Labor Day Weekend”

  1. Buffalobob on 10/10/14 at 4:45 pm

    Poor thing. maybe, just maybe the course managers didn’t want their fairways and greens hacked up by a putz.

  2. EriK on 10/10/14 at 5:24 pm

    NY often gets a bad rap because of all the moonbats here. But we’re not all moonbats. Pound sand BHO.