Obama Propapalooza: If You Like Your Unemployment Checks, You Can Keep You Unemployment Checks

Posted by on Jan 07, 2014 at 1:04 pm

One question: If these people are in such dire straits, who paid for their travel to the White House for this show?

In his first public appearance since returning from a two-week vacation, Obama excoriated the argument — put forward by some conservatives — that offering insurance to the long-term unemployed “saps their motivation to get  a new job.”

“That really sells the American people short,” he said.

Making both an economic argument and a “moral case” for extending the benefits, Obama said Americans believe in helping each other in the case of misfortune.

We know that, there but for the grace of God, go I,” he said.

There we go again, invoking God. Guess only Democrats are allowed to do that. Maybe Obama found God while out on the gold course during his $4 million luxury vacation.

He really laid it on thick during this staged performance. His economy is just awesome, but people are still unemployed because of Bush, you see.

A couple of points from this maudlin performance:

For the Americans who join me at the White House today and millions like them who were laid off in the recession through no fault of their own, unemployment insurance has been a vital economic lifeline.

So they were supposedly laid off during the recession, right?

And Katherine’s not alone. Develyn Smith (sp), who’s watching today from her home in California wrote me about her hunt for a new job. Since she was laid off 13 months ago, she’s sent out hundreds of resumes, she’s volunteered, she’s done seasonal work, she doesn’t want to just be sitting around the house. She’s been taking online courses to learn new skills. Without unemployment insurance, though, she won’t be able to pay for her car or her cell phone, which makes the job hunt that much harder.

So wait, we were still in the Obama recession 13 months ago? Who was president when Develyn was laid off? Oh yes, the God-fearing Obama. Don’t expect anyone in the media to bring this inconvenient fact up. Oh, and what is being voted on today will extend benefits for three months. So should we expects these same props back in April?

Remarkably, he again claimed extending unemployment creates jobs. He’s insane.


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One Response to “Obama Propapalooza: If You Like Your Unemployment Checks, You Can Keep You Unemployment Checks”

  1. Blacque Jacques Shellacque on 7/07/14 at 10:16 pm

    “Voting for unemployment insurance helps people and creates jobs and…”

    This is not an economic argument, it’s a Nancy Pelosi argument.

    These people are pathetic. Unemployment insurance extensions do nothing more than treat the symptoms, and are unlikely to solve anything because nothing has been done to address the underlying malady.