Obama Pal Sharpton Wore FBI Wire to Save Himself From Drug Sting

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What’s quite amusing is this thug has come out the past couple of days weaving wild tales as to why he happened to be working as an informant for the FBI, all while most of the media dutifully regurgitates his tales. Little did the idiot realize The Smoking Gun didn’t divulge everything they had with their initial report and now he’s exposed as the fraud we all know him to be. Yet this clown had the whiny Attorney General speaking at his gathering Wednesday with Obama slated up next. Think about that: The Attorney General and President of the United States speaking before a group run by a vile racist and aspiring drug dealer.

How pathetic.

The Rev. Al Sharpton may claim he wore a wire for the feds because he had been threatened by the mob — but a new report says he turned rat to save himself after a federal drug sting.

The FBI “flipped” the bombastic reverend after agents confronted him with a surveillance video showing him discussing cocaine with an ­undercover agent, The Smoking Gun Web site said Wednesday.

During that March 1983 conversation, Sharpton wore a cowboy-like hat that was garish by even the rabble-rousing preacher’s 1980s standards.

He later showed up at a Manhattan apartment for another meeting that June with the agent, who was posing as a “former South American druglord seeking to launder money through boxing promotions,” the report said

Instead, Sharpton was met by G-men who were not undercover — and who showed him the “drug” video, the Web site said, citing a source familiar with Sharpton’s secret FBI file.

“The panicked reverend agreed — on the spot — to cooperate with federal agents,” The Smoking Gun said.

The Web site said that — at the FBI’s direction — Sharpton initially targeted boxing promoter Don King for undercover recording. King was the principal target of the FBI operation that netted the reverend in an operation called “Crown Royal,” The Smoking Gun said.

The FBI even gave Sharpton an undercover-snitch code name, CI-7, short for confidential informant #7.

The new claims fly in the face of Sharpton’s insistence Tuesday that he turned government informant in a heroic effort to stand up to mob threats.

Now that story lies in smoking ruins, yet most of the media still turns a blind eye because he’s a Democrat. That’s how they roll. There’s quite a story here if only the so-called “mainstream media” is interested.


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